SOLER – “Blending” of the Music Journey

The Hong Kong music industry, once flourished, or perhaps is still flourishing, has nurtured numerous music talents – singer-songwriters, composers, lyrists, bands and groups. How many of whom are still prominent after years of glamour? Or how many of whom brought down the curtain on their career without any reason? Can the evolving music industry guarantee life-long fame to these dreamers? 多年來香港樂壇經歷幾許風雨,孕育出許多能唱能演的全能歌手、作曲家、作詞人、樂隊組合,當中有些經歷時代巨輪仍然屹立不倒,有些曇花一現卻沉寂多年,亦有些仍在路上跌跌踫踫,還在尋尋覓覓之中。但誰說一夜成名可擔保擁有暢通無阻的星途?

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If there were no en primeur

 假如沒有en primeur   After three exceptionally great vintages, there seems to be a slowdown in en primeur market this year. Hit by the economic downturn, the market price of 2008 Bordeaux vintage was decreasing closely to the en primeur price. Another reason is that...

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Cru Blog is now online!!

Cru Blog is now online!! We are pleased to present the Cru Blog!! From hard copies to iPad version, we come online now! Our editors will share their latest news and opinion on wines, even more interactive, you can put down your comments or questions instantly!! State...

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