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華麗復古 | ANNA SUI 2019 Autumn Collcetion


化妝及香水是一種生活態度和個人品味的表現。Anna Sui一向主張随心随性,隨著你的心情、感覺、衣飾,無拘無束地選用你喜愛的、不限塗用多少,把化妝品及香水當為飾物般,開開心心地享受化妝的樂趣。


The policy of ANNA SUI Products is just like accessories, apply them wherever you like, in whichever colour you like, and in whatever amount you like, to suit your mood and clothing.


ANNA SUI 全新2019秋季系列將於10月華麗登場,產品造型華麗復古,少女心❤一擊即中,更包括數款限定產品!一齊睇下啦~


The ANNA SUI 2019 Autumn Collection will be launching in October. All cosmetic products are in gorgeous and vintage-looking cases. Let’s check them out!



  1. ANNA SUI 經典復古三色眼影 Eye Colour Trio






Deep, rich shades and beaming luster for enchanting eyes!

The retro butterfly-like case is just like a treasury box, collecting the elegant and glamorous eye shadow.



  1. ANNA SUI 經典復古幻蝶唇蜜 Lip Colour I (Asagth)





This lip colour is inside a case that looks like a tiny treasure you might have found at a flea market is a brilliant color. The case and color are both specially scented. A glossy finish like a specular reflection


  1. ANNA SUI幻魅唇膏 Lip Colour





Lipstick is blended using a soft, spreadable oil and glossy, close-fitting oil in the perfect balance to keep the color looking fresh and your lips well moisturized. Enjoy arranging colors just for you.