【Carte Sur Table 2019 品味香港】

「葡萄美酒夜光杯,欲飲琵琶馬上催」著名紅酒商DUCLOT將舉行第八屆Carte sur Table。即日起至4 […]

「葡萄美酒夜光杯,欲飲琵琶馬上催」著名紅酒商DUCLOT將舉行第八屆Carte sur Table。即日起至415日各大精選餐廳搜羅一系列的波爾多優質紅酒,讓大家享受一頓精緻美饌。美酒配佳餚可謂一個必然的定律,是次Carte sur Table精選的紅酒都是以優惠價推廣,現在適合享用的佳釀。

“Carte sur Table”, the award-winning campaign of the Bordeaux-based wine merchant DUCLOT, will run its 8th edition from 15th March to 15th April. At this occasion, great wines from Bordeaux will be listed at retail-price in selected restaurants for an entire month. The goal is to offer  wine lovers the best food & wine experience, in France and for the first time in Barcelona and Hong Kong, in association with the local-based distributor ENOTECA in Hong Kong.


More information:https://www.cartesurtable.com/en/home/

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