Baden – Where fairy tales begin

破曉時分 沉穩的中世紀建築散發著往昔繁華 溫熱的泉水繚繞著氤氳霧氣 沉浸其中,昏昏欲睡,搖搖欲墜 靈魂延伸出身 […]

When the dawn’s young,
The bygone prosperity is revealed by the medieval architecture.
Mist wreathes the warm spring water.
Immersed in it,
The soul extends beyond the body.
In peace, thoughts flow along the winding river
Let go of all distracting thoughts,
Shuttle in the Black forest with abandon,
In search of nothing,
Listen to the light and the rosin that passes through the forest,
And experience the unparalleled joy.

巴登是獨一無二的葡萄種植區。作為德國第三大葡萄種植區,德國一半以上的黑皮諾產自這裡。它一側受到奥登森林 (Odenwald) 和黑森林 (Schwarzwald) 山脉的庇佑,另一侧为伏盖森山脉 (Vogesen) 所遮护——巴登被賜予了德國最充足的陽光和最溫暖的氣候,號稱德國的“日光浴床”。 同時這裡可以為葡萄生長提供充足的水分——夏季的降雨可以為黑森林山區提供充沛的蓄水量。世界上沒有任何一個葡萄種植區能像巴登這樣,將熱量、日照、降雨等氣候因素組合得如此天衣無縫。這裡的葡萄能够生成優質糖分,藤蔓中富含礦物質,為釀造高品質葡萄酒提供了良好的自然條件。
Baden is a unique wine-growing region. More than half of Germany’s pinot noir is grown in this country’s third largest wine-growing area. Baden is surrounded by the Odenwald and Schwarzwald mountains, and sheltered by the Vogesen mountains. Baden gains its uniqueness from Germany’s most abundant sunshine and warmest climate, and is known as the country’s “sunbed”. The exceptional location and climate also provide Baden with plenty of water for growing grapes that the Black forest mountains can storage plentiful water from summer rain. No other wine-growing region enjoys such heat, sunshine and rainfall as perfectly balanced as Baden. Its grapes contain high-quality sugar, and its vines are rich in minerals, providing right conditions for making fine-quality wine.
Baden is famous not only for its best wine and food but also for its hot springs and the Black forest, famed as a heaven on earth.



Baden-Baden, the historic spa town on the edge of Germany’s black forest, has long been a popular destination for European elites. “Baden” means “to swim and bathe” so the double “Baden” shows how good it is for bathing and swimming. Mark Twain said after his bath here: “10 minutes you will forget time, 20 minutes you will forget the world!” Napoleon iii, Queen Victoria, Victor Hugo, Nicola Gogol and even Marlene Dietrich fetched water here.
Fortunately, time does not take away the lustre of Baden-Baden. Here, the primitive age meets the modern era. Friedrichsbad Spa and Caracalla spa are the most famous thermal baths in Baden-Baden, both of which were the names of ancient Roman emperors.


The Friedrichsbad Spa was built more than 130 years ago, on top of a Roman bath site aged 2,000 years. The architecture is classical and grand. While soaking in the hot spring, you can also enjoy the view of the old buildings. It is better known, however, for the mixed bathing and the tedious 17-step process. Such bold and rigorous tradition!



Caracalla spa is much younger. Built 30 years ago, it is a huge glass building, well equipped and divided to indoor and outdoor areas. Here you can wear a bathing suit into the water, but you can think of it as a pool of hot springs. It is such a luxury to swim in a hot spring!

After the bath, take a seat in a tavern and drink a glass of nice wine. Nothing in the wold is like this!



遊覽黑森林,乘坐火車也是一種有趣的體驗。 從特裏貝格(Triberg)可以乘坐古老的蒸汽式火車行駛在20公里長的黑森林鐵路(連接Konstanz和Bodensee),穿越37公里體驗近500米的高度差,沿途景色美不勝收,童話般的森林、穿過霧氣繚繞的溪谷和田園牧歌式的村莊,如同到仙境漫遊了一趟——在這片溫柔而夢幻的景致里,淺嘗一杯巴登本地釀造的豐盈細膩的葡萄酒,豈不美哉。

The Black Forest, with 60km in its width from east to west and 160 km in its length from south to north, located in the south-west of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Covered with vast forests and big plants, looking like a dark mass from a distance, the Black forest, therefore, acquires fame.

Turgenev wrote to Flaubert: “Come to Baden. These are the most magnificent trees I have ever seen. They do wonders for the eyes and the soul.” Many of Grimm’s fairy tales, such as Snow White and Cinderella, are set in the Black Forest. Looking at the cabins in the jungle, one feels like transported to a fairy tale adventure.

B500 Road (Schwarzwald-Hochstrasse) is one of the most beautiful roads in Germany. It is 60 km long and connects Baden-Baden with Freudenstadt.

Taking the train to visit the Black forest is also an exciting experience. Visitors can take the old steam trains from Triberg and travel in the 20 km long black forest railway (from Konstanz to Bodensee). During the journey, visitors will experience the 500 meters height difference between the train and the ground, the beautiful scenery, the fairytale-like forest, the foggy valleys, and pastoral villages. Isn’t it a real delight to taste a glass of locally brewed wine with creamy and delicate texture in this tender and romantic scene?


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