The New St. Émilion Classification is Out!!

新的St. Émilion Grand Cru Classe分級剛剛推出,當中最矚目的必定是香港人鍾情及支持的金鐘莊Château Angélus及Château Pavie,她們正式升級到跟Château Ausone及Château Cheval Blanc同級的Premiers Grands Crus Classés A。其他被升級的酒莊可見下列表中的紅字部分。

The New Classification of Saint Émilion has been announced and exciting promotion is made to Château Angélus and Château Pavie to Premiers Grands Crus Classés A, the top of the classés as Château Ausone and Château Cheval Blanc. We have highlighted those which are also promoted in this classification.

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Just Before the Harvest (3): Alsace

So Harvest is coming quickly in the northern hemisphere. This time we have friend from Alsace, telling us about the situation there: Philippe Durst from Domaine Dopff Au Moulin: "Samples taken in the vineyards over the last 10 days show quick ripening of the grapes,...

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Do you know Nebbiolo??

很多人都知道意大利出名的酒款如Barolo及Barbaresco,人稱酒王及酒后。但他們又知道自己在喝什麼呢?遞出一瓶Gattinara大家都「灑手拎頭」,到底是什麼來,試也不試便錯過一瓶價廉物美的好東西。You all know the great wine of Itally, calling Barolo and Barbaresco as the King and Queen of Wine. But Do you know what you are drinking? Handing them a bottle of Gattinara, they will just refuse me and don’t bother to taste it. OK, I will keep this good stuff for myself then.

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Best for Chinese? 中菜的最佳拍擋

每當提起葡萄酒配中菜,你會想起什麼?波爾多紅酒?人氣之選的Pinot Noir?還是華麗的香檳呢?Alsace酒莊Trimbach的莊主Jean Trimbach有不一樣的見解。

What do you think of when we talk about Chinese food and wine pairing? Red Bordeaux? Trendy pinot noir? Or fabulous champagnes? Jean Trimbach, the owner of Trimbach from Alsace, offers a different view.

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Michael Wong – Measured Steps in a Journey called Life


To me, Michael Wong is, above all, an artist. And oftentimes, when describing Michael Wong, what follows is a slew of other roles in brackets following the title of “artist” – musician, designer, pilot, husband, father, etc. Wong’s latest foray is a collaboration with luxury watch brand, Bremont, where he has designed his very own wristwatch, but to him, it’s all just a part of life, “I hope to someday build a nest-like hideout for my family and I – a space where I can work hard and play hard, and also use to enjoy time with my friends,” says Wong.

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