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VinExpo Asia Pacific 2014- interview with Mr. Fabrizio Nencioni from Agricola San Felice


Winery: Agricola San Felice
Country: Italy
Region: San Felice
Interviewee: Mr. Fabrizio Nencioni

Always un-compromising quality
San Felice’s philosophy is embodied in its overall commitment to pursuing total excellence, a goal achieved by means of research and experimentation, as well as by our determination to maintain a vital relationship with the local terroir and with local typical wine.

We have consistently followed, from the 1970s right up to the present day, a policy of continuous improvement, constantly updating our vineyard management practices and modernizing winemaking technology. Efforts are always directed towards growth and development, but at the same time they are informed by a sense of responsibility for our land and by a desire to preserve the traditions that have been passed down to us, a heritage that should not only be preserved but to which we must contribute as well.

Website: www.agricolasanfelice.com