Baden – Where fairy tales begin

破曉時分 沉穩的中世紀建築散發著往昔繁華 溫熱的泉水繚繞著氤氳霧氣 沉浸其中,昏昏欲睡,搖搖欲墜 靈魂延伸出身體的邊際 一片靜謐中,思緒順著蜿蜒的河水 放下錯與對、是與非 穿梭在黑森林,不必擔心無路可退 亦無所求 傾聽穿林而過的光與滿目松香 酣暢淋漓,滿載而歸 When the dawn’s...

Best mate with sake the freshest in Tsukiji 清酒最佳伴侶  築地直擊即日鮮

Sashimi is definitely the best mate with Sake. In July, white fish is the best. Mellow fish oil with a sip of crispy Sake, never better. Hong Kong...

七月開業 成都St. Regis理想下榻之地


Redefined Luxury – Tianjin Metropolitan Polo Club

“Let others play at other things. The king of games is still the game of kings!” Engraved on a stone tablet near the polo ground in Gilgit, Pakistan.

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