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偏偏今次我們向難度挑戰,選泰國芒果糯米飯對決意大利南部Fiano的遲摘甜酒Feudi Di San Gregorio Privilegio 2012。兩者看似風馬牛不相及,其實此甜酒甜酸比例剛好,帶熟桃、菠蘿、蜂蜜等熱帶水果氣息,與芒果相當匹配,不會蓋過主人家的甜;中度結構及輕微的單寧能支撐厚重煙韌的糯米飯,提升整體口感,又能中和椰汁的甜膩。兩者一配,猶如置身熱帶果園一樣。

的確,甜酒也有配搭的「潛法則」,酒須比菜甜一格,否則酒變酸,浪費大好佳餚。要品嚐此配搭,可到泰國餐廳Mango Tree。餐廳於今年推出酒配菜優惠,每月挑選餐酒及菜式各三款,凡購買其中一支餐酒,即奉送相對菜式。四月份是意大利酒,價錢由$480-680不等,值得一試。

The simplest idea in food wine pairing is to match the local food with local wine. One of the best examples is pairing Provence Rosé with Provence cuisine, as the people there usually make wine to match the food ingredients and herbs or spices used in the dishes. This makes a safe matching most of the time.

We have a very interesting pairing here with the Mango sticky rice to pair with the late harvest sweet wine of Feudi Di San Gregorio Privilegio 2012. In this east meeting west matching, we have a balanced sweet passito which has ripe peach, pineapple and honey notes to pair with the tropical mango. The acidity and lightly tannic structure is a good match with the sweet sticky rice, especially for the richness of coconut milk. What an exotic pairing to bring the feeling of tropical orchard.

The rules for dessert pairing is to have a wine that is a bit sweeter than the food, otherwise the wine will taste like vinegar. You can find this pairing in Mango Tree, which is actively promoting 3 different food wine pairing offers every month. When you order one of the monthly selections, you will get the pairing dishes for free. In April, they have selected a few Italian offer from $480 to $680 per bottle, with a complementary dish to match the wines, a great bargain.



Feudi Di San Gregorio Privilegio 2012 $680