Two Paddocks Picnic Pinot Noir 2011


Northeast Wines & Spirits Ltd. // 2573 5733 // // HK$ 208

在新西蘭Central Otago其中一瓶最優秀的 Pinot。看上去好像有點簡單,但實在是充滿驚 喜。充滿覆盆子的香氣,然後是陣陣紫羅蘭及橡 木的氣息。入口帶漿果、煙草、白胡椒及皮革的 氣息,單寧結構扎實而順滑。收結悠長而美味。 莊主兼演員Sam Neill對環保十分注重,實行可 持續的耕作及釀酒,希望在釀造美酒之餘,也為 保護環境盡一分力。

A great gift from Otago in New Zealand, this has great strength of pinot character. Just when there is a simplicity to it, new levels appear. The nose is full of raspberries, and then before you can spell ‘cordial’ on come the violets and hints of oak. The mouth feel works off a solid base of gentle tannins and then come the berries, tobacco, white pepper, leather all the way to the long ending. Featured length, Oscar quality. Owner and actor Sam Neill is dedicated to protect the environment with sustainable viticulture and winemaking.


1 Dec, 2013

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