The Macallan x Highland park-Whisky Master Class

近年欣賞威士忌已成趨勢,當然,作為酒迷我們可以從品嚐中學習,但如果想更深入了解,可以參與有關威士忌的Master Class,更有系統地踏上威士忌大師之路。於上月我們進行一連串的威士忌活動,當中包括9...


近年欣賞威士忌已成趨勢,當然,作為酒迷我們可以從品嚐中學習,但如果想更深入了解,可以參與有關威士忌的Master Class,更有系統地踏上威士忌大師之路。於上月我們進行一連串的威士忌活動,當中包括916日舉行的The Macallan x Highland park威士忌Master Class,由英國及香港國際葡萄酒暨烈酒大賽烈酒評審(IWSC)之一的林明志(Eddie Nara)帶領大家品踏美酒之道!

Whisky appreciation has become a trend in recent years. As wine lovers, we could of course learn from tastings. But if you want to have a yet deeper understanding, it is advisable to attend the Whisky Master Class, which will prepare you more systematically for the road to a whisky master.  We organized a series of whisky events last month, including the Whisky Master Class on The Macallan x Highland park on September 16. Eddie Nara, a spirits judge for the Britain and Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC), was appointed to guide people to wine appreciation!

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當日以著名威士忌品牌The MacallanHighland Park作為開啟大家的味蕾享受之門。Eddie Nara先為大家講解蘇格蘭威士忌的種種,由重要產區、種類如單一麥芽及單一穀物、釀造方法及威士忌之靈魂木桶的應用。各三瓶的The MacallanHighland Park威士忌,包括前者的1217年及Rare Cask;後者的1218年及Dark Origins,皆為經典,各具風味更是十分珍稀,作為威士忌愛好者,當日定必是一個難忘的味蕾之旅。

On that day, The Macallan and Highland Park, two famous whisky brands, were used to open the people’s taste buds. Eddie Nara began by giving a brief introduction to scotch whisky, including the important producing regions, such types as single malt and single grain, brewing methods, and the soul of whisky — the use of casks. Both The Macallan and Highland Park came with three bottles. The former included the 12 year old, 17 year old and the Rare Cask and the latter included the 12 year old, 18 year old and Dark Origins. These were all classic whisky, different in styles but rare all the same. For whisky fans, it must be an unforgettable journey for their taste buds.

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22 Oct, 2015

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