The Grand Voyage of Morrison Bowmore Distillers

Last Month, Asia Euro Wines & Spirits (H.K.) Ltd (“Asia Euro”) has became the distributor of 3 S...


Bowmore, Auchentoshan and Glen Garioch Whisky

Last Month, Asia Euro Wines & Spirits (H.K.) Ltd (“Asia Euro”) has became the distributor of 3 Scotch Single Malt Whisky in HK and Macau, including: Bowmore, Auchentoshan and Glen Garioch. They have a great party at The Quarterdeck Club in Wan Chai, celebrating with  Mr Gordon Dundas, Brand Ambassador for Europe and Asia for Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd (MBD), celebrities Ms Ella Koon and Mr Kenny Wong as guests of honour to the ceremony. They took a yacht ride from Central to the pier besides the restaurant to join The Grand Voyage of Morrison Bowmore Distillers Launch.
歐亞洋酒(香港)有限公司在今年取得了蘇格蘭三個威士忌品牌的香港代理權,將 Bowmore、Auchentoshan 及 Glen Garioch這三款不同風格的單一純麥威士忌帶給香港酒友。在灣仔Quarterdeck Club舉行了名為Grand Voyage of Morrison Bowore Distillers Launch派對,特意邀請了酒廠的品牌大使 Mr. Gordon Dundas,以及黃德斌先生(Mr. Kenny Wong)與官恩娜小姐(Ms Ella Koon)等嘉賓,從中環乘遊艇到灣仔分域碼頭,參加這盛宴。

Bowmore Brand Ambassador Gordon Dundas

Different whiskies from the 3 Distilleries were served with different canapés, oysters and then some cigars as well. Gordon also introduced the difference of the 3 distilleries and demonstrate some cocktails togehter with Ella and Kenny with the 3 whiskies. It is a different style of enjoying whisky besides the traditional straight, on the rock and with water.
歐亞洋酒更把三個品牌威士忌的不同酒釀跟來賓分享,並以不同的小食、生蠔,以至雪茄配襯。而品牌Gordon 也為大家介紹了 Bowmore、Auchentoshan 及 Glen Garioch 三間酒廠的威士忌,還特意為 Kenny 與 Ella 度身訂造了一杯威士忌雞尾酒,原來單一純麥威士忌除了加冰、水,還有其他特別的飲法。
IMG_1676 copy

Ella Koon & Kenny Wong with the Cocktails by Gordon.

7 Sep, 2013

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