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The establishment of Champagne Ruinart was in 1729, and since 1895, the champagne house has worked with numerous artists and…

The establishment of Champagne Ruinart was in 1729, and since 1895, the champagne house has worked with numerous artists and designers, encouraging them to create with the inspiration of the history of Ruinart. In this year, is Georgia Russell, a Scottish visual artist who created two pieces for Ruinart. And we had her for a little chitchat during the Art Basel HK 2014.
Cru: How do you become an artist?
Georgia: I love art since I was little, drawing around, making things, doing furniture, hammering things…My father was an architect, that maybe part of the reason. But I think art is nature to me, seems a kind of essence that born with me.
Cru: To you, what is art? And did you expect to become an artist?
Georgia: Art is powerful and very sincere. Sometimes it is an evasion from problems. Art can be political also but for me is all about interest. I just love arts, never planned for it. I was grateful things were well and smooth because competition in art field is big. I am glad I created my own style and character as all my creations are done by hand, not machine not laser… When people saw the sculpture, they will know that was Georgia Russell.
Cru: How do you start with sculpting with books?
Georgia: When I finish studying I moved to Paris. I discovered the city along the Seine River. There are book stores and I attached to old books and paper as those a kind of history when it from one hand to another. I bought to read, to learn French and sculpt eventually. It is invasive to the books, but it attracts emotion and energy. And I love sculpture as it is 3D, more interesting than drawing.
Cru: How did you joint hands with Champagne Ruinart?
Georgia: It’s Galerie Karsten Greve, a very respected and famed Galley that represents me. When people from Ruinart saw my pieces, they decided work with me, which made me flattered.


Le Grand Livre

Cru: How did you get the inspiration for the pieces?
Georgia: I wish to show the history of Ruinart and was inspired by the “Le Grand Livre”, recorded the founding achievements with the hand-writings of Nicholas Ruinart, founder of Champagne Ruinart. The book itself is a great history of knowledge and weighty. So I have a copy of it and sculpted, as a kind of memory, celebration, and mostly to bring history to live! The other one is the “Ornament”, which is a limited edition to pair with the Blanc de Blancs. I was inspired by the underground chalky cellar of Ruinart, which was hand craved with lots of history. And I wish to manipulate the colour and shadow. You will see the flow, smoothly when it under the lights. Both were challenge, but I really had fun.
Cru: Are you 100% satisfy with your pieces?
Georgia: Yes of course. Every pieces is finished when I issue it. If there’s something, I will not let it out and redo it until it’s perfect.
Cru: Any future plans?
Georgia: Karsten Greve will organize a solo show for me and issue my own catalogue. It’s a great honor to be and I will be happy to take up challenges, which makes me stronger. So it will be very busy.
Georgia Russell was born in Eglin, Scotland. Russell earned a BA in Fine Arts from the United Kingdom’s University of Aberdeen in 1997, with the distinction of 1st Class Honor. She also received a MA with a focus on Printmaking from London’s Royal College of Art in 2000. Russell is considered a Contemporary artist who makes use of collage and mixed media techniques.
Champagne Ruinart
Galerie Karsten Greve

26 May, 2014

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