Ode to Elegance

Ode to Elegance優雅的歌頌 Photographer: Larry Yau                 Venue: Cépage 200 years since the…

Ode to Elegance優雅的歌頌

Photographer: Larry Yau                 Venue: Cépage

200 years since the first bottling of Perrier-Jouët and 9 years since the creation of the first Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs in 1993, Perrier-Jouët once again pays tribute to the unparalleled delicacy of the varietal Chardonnay, captured in the iconic Millésimé 2002.

自200年前首枝Perrier-Jouët面世,以及九年後1993年首次推出的Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs,Perrier-Jouët再一次向至高無尚的Chardonnay葡萄致敬,推出Millésimé 2002的Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs頂級年份香檳。


The Belle Epoque range represents the best of Perrier-Jouët through three styles of wine—Brut, Rosè, and Blanc de Blancs—but the Blanc de Blancs, which features 100% Chardonnay grapes from the plots Bourons-Leroy and Bourons du Midi of the Grand Cru Cramant, is the most particular of the three. It has been stored in the cellars of Perrier-Jouët for 10 years, and was just made available for release.

Belle Epoque系列是Perrier-Jouët香檳的精髓,透過三種不同風格,包括:Brut、Rosè及最尊貴的Blanc de Blancs,尊貴在於所有她的Chardonnay葡萄都是來自Grand Cru特級村莊Cramant的兩塊珍貴葡萄園Bourons-Leroy及Bourons du Midi所採收,在酒窖待上差不多十個年頭才推出,更是三種風格中最特別的一款。

Hervé Deschamps, the Chief Winemaker of Perrier-Jouët, was in Hong Kong to introduce the launch of the Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs 2002 and agreed, saying, “Chardonnay is the most elegant and delicate variety in Champagne. The best plots of Perrier-Jouët’s vineyards go into this Blanc de Blancs.” ( The Whole Story is available in the July 2012 issue of Cru Magazine)

Perrier-Jouët首席釀酒師Hervé Deschamps早前為推出Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs 2002專誠訪港,而他亦盛讚道:「Chardonnay是香檳區中最為高貴典雅的品種,而Belle Epqoue Blanc de Blancs就是採用了Perrier-Jouët葡園內最好的幾塊田的葡萄釀造。」
(The whole story could be read from July 2012 Issue of Cru Magazine. 全文可參閱《釀.生活》2012年七月號)
You can watch the video of our interview with Hervé Deschamps online at the following link, or you can use a smartphone or tablet to scan the QR Code below to watch now!


17 Aug, 2012

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