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我是占士邦 Text: Coco Yeung 我喜歡電影,但我不特別喜歡占士邦系列電影,可能是因為在眾多男主角中,我只喜歡辛康納利,而邦女郎就更是無一個喜歡,反而喜歡飾演奸角的蘇菲瑪素。不過,我反而很...


Text: Coco Yeung

我喜歡電影,但我不特別喜歡占士邦系列電影,可能是因為在眾多男主角中,我只喜歡辛康納利,而邦女郎就更是無一個喜歡,反而喜歡飾演奸角的蘇菲瑪素。不過,我反而很喜歡每次在電影中出現的占士邦戰車,尤其是在《鐵金剛大戰金手指》和《鐵金剛勇破魔鬼黨》兩套電影中出現的Aston Martin DB5。而這部戰車,亦於去年九月的香港蘇富比秋季拍賣會中展出,我專程去了會展一趟,看看這部難得一見的占士邦戰車。

I love movies, but I have never been fascinated by the James Bond series. It might be because I only like the James Bond acted by Sean Connery, and the gang lady acted by Sophie Marceau. However, the cars in the movies always catch my eyes, especially the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger and Thunderball. This DB5 was displayed at the Sotheby’s event in Hong Kong in the past September.

這部Aston Martin DB5,掛著一個英國車牌FMP 7B,是兩部電影用車裡的其中一部,但也是現存唯一的一部,而另一部則在拍賣會中出現過兩次,可惜在1997年於美國佛羅里達機場裡被竊,至今仍下落不明。這兩部車為Aston Martin當時借出給製片公司EON Productions作拍攝之用,EON在拍片及宣傳結束後,把車歸還給車廠。到1969年,一位在美國費城的著名電台主持人Jerry Lee成功說服車廠,以12,000美元買下,成為了這部車的第一位、亦是唯一的車主。這部車正正是電影中占士邦所用的那一部,當中的「Q-Branch」小機件,是由曾獲奧斯卡獎項的特殊效果專家John Stears所設計,其中包括機關槍、防彈隔板、前後旋轉車牌、跟蹤裝置、彈射乘客座椅、車用電話,左後輪更可伸出破壞其他車輪胎的裝置,還有煙霧、油和釘子噴射器,所有裝置都可由隱藏於中央手枕內控制台上的按鈕控制,在當時來說,確實十分有創意。

Well-known around the world by its original UK registration number, FMP 7, this Aston Martin is one of the two, and the sole remaining, original 007 DB5s featured in the movies. The other one was sold twice at auctions before being stolen in 1997 at an airport in Florida, which was never recovered. The DB5 was loaned to EON Productions for the movie making. In 1969, Jerry Lee, a radio broadcaster, bought it for US$12,000 thereby becoming its first and the only owner. With its modifications originally conceived by Oscar-award-winning special effects expert, John Stears, this Bond car is fitted with“ Q-Branch” gadgets, including machine guns, bullet-proof shield, revolving number plates, tracking device, oil slick sprayer, nail spreader and smoke screen, all controlled from the toggles and switches hidden in the central arm-rest.

今次Jerry Lee把他的愛車交給著名古董車拍賣專家RM Auctions負責拍賣,他計畫將拍賣這部車所得的款項,用於他的Jerry Lee慈善基金會,這個基金會是個專為幫助解決社會問題和防範犯罪活動的多國組織,亦支持世界各大著名大學的運作,例如美國的賓夕凡尼亞大學和英國的劍橋大學等。這部1964年的占士邦Aston Martin DB5,最終在十月於倫敦舉行的拍賣會中,由一位美國商人Harry Yeaggy,以驚人的2,912,000英鎊投得。

Lee plans to use the proceeds from the auction of FMP 7B to further the charitable work of The Jerry Lee Foundation, a multi-national initiative dedicated to solving social problems and crime prevention. It also supports programs at renowned universities such as the University of Pennsylvania in US and the Cambridge University in UK. The 1964 Aston Martin DB5 driven was successfully bidded by an American businessman, Harry Yeaggy, through RM Auctions in London at a record-breaking price of £2,912,000.

(from February 2011 Issue of Cru Magazine )

22 Aug, 2012

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