Matetic Syrah 2009

Northeast Wines & Spirits Ltd. // 2573 5733 // // HK$ 430

大部分的智利葡萄酒都是果香豐腴強勁的。但 Matetic的酒釀相對較內斂,更加討好。酒莊 在San Antonio Valley的Rosario Valley擁有 10,000公頃的土地,只有120公頃被開闢為葡 萄園。這片以生物動力耕作法的土地釀造出智利 最好的Syrah之一。這款限量的Matetic Syrah 由最好的葡萄釀造,只生產200箱。充滿清涼氣 候的風格,內斂的果香加上平衡的酒體,層次有 深度,收結良好,單寧細滑。

Chilean wines are usually big fruit bombs. But the wines from Matetic are much more elegant with subtle fruit. The family own a 10,000 hectares property in Rosario Valley, part of the San Antonio Valley but only planted 120 hectares of vineyards. The biodynamic vineyards produce some of the best Syrah from Chile. Only 200 cases are produced. It’s a cool-climate style Syrah with subtle fruit, well balanced wine with good depth and smooth tannin finishing.


1 Oct, 2013

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