Gusbourne Estate “Blanc de Blancs” 2008


Armit Wines // 3796 7192 // // HK$ 287

來自英倫的氣泡酒正帶起不少酒迷的好奇。他 們不是要模仿香檳的貴氣,而是要展現出當地 terroir最好的一面,因此功藝一絲不苟。他們以 傳統的香檳方法釀造,並讓葡萄酒在瓶內陳年 22個月才除渣。確實為我們帶來不少驚喜。這 款白釀白展現出成熟香檳所有的個性,對於較常 喝清爽型氣泡酒的酒迷將會別有一番風味。

The English sparkling wines are getting attention by wine lovers recently. They are not to replicate the champagne style, but to express their terroir at one of the north most wine making region. They are also making wines in traditional method, and aged for at least 22 months. The result is much better than what we expected. This blanc de blancs shows some mature champagne-like character which may get attention to those who used to drink light sparklings.

1 Dec, 2013

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