En Primeurs 2013 – What should you expect?

En Primeurs 2013…stop shooting please, try it you might like it. The lonesome cowboy vintage, was heading into a desert…

En Primeurs 2013…stop shooting please, try it you might like it.
The lonesome cowboy vintage, was heading into a desert of negatives appreciations and sentenced to death before its samples were bottle… Weather & maturing markets, drove Bordeaux in a combo situation and to a somehow very expected, and, unfair bashing…
ONE question remains: Does wines still matter? Yes let’s hope so.
Is it good? Some of it, will it be a bargain? I must say pricing, while going to En Primeurs, was not my prime concern, and then check your arithmetic’s: Bordeaux is heading towards the campaign with low yields as the only argument, mother’s nature call, to counter the pressure of negociants to cutting the price down…at least a little.
So I think the bashing to be very much related to human nature and to the connected our “internet” era. We very much enjoy judging before attempting the trial; plus due to the fact that we are all connected, a good punch line means buzz and traffic on your web-site; but it is bad and showing kind of disrespect to all the persons that did work 200% on this crazy hard vintage.
Considering the arrogance of the Chateaux and Bordeaux being a world wine-wine reference, a bad vintage would allow a deserved spanking…??? I leave this up to you; in case you love wine what follows is a little more interesting. Also please keep in mind while addressing the pricing effect that Chateaux are doing a lot beyond wines, cellars modifications, replanting, technical upgrades, consulting, management, and finally building brands…this is also what you are paying for.
Wine wise, this year is not about weather you heart beats for the left bank or its right side, no you might get lost as wine quality is really not regular within all appellations.
We blind tasted over 150 samples. 60 percent of the reds would deliver too much grip of oak plank on the palate and not much on the nose; this is not good but keep in mind the wines are super young.
So considering I am no advocate, I would go in St Emilion for Soutard, La Gaffelière, Clos Fourtet and Dassault, and for Pomerol I d choose Clinet, Gazin and Le Bon Pasteur.
As for Pauillac, Mouton was nice in both red & white oufits, so was Pichon Longueville.
Margaux, stood up for Margaux was very silky and smooth for its red, and the white was amazing. Still in Margaux, Lichine, and Kirwan did a superb job, both estates are neighbours but driven in two very unparallel ways, classic vs ultra modern style; Lascombes and Ferriere were good as well.
Good meaning well balanced.
Dry whites are fresh, most of them are super well balanced meaning Semillon is delivering lots of aromas on the nose, toasted bread, and white fruits, some nice acidity, and a bit of fat and oak.
Sweets? They are revived, sure the mushroom helped there in Sauternes & Barsac…Plus I must say Yquem, after skipping 012 vintage delivered a delicate & floral bombshell.
I am not a fortune teller to state whether or not this banned vintage is a KEEPER or a must buy…It is just showing that wine industry can be a global business, but the juices are not to be standardise.
Then the price war, then Bordeaux to acknowledge a “less good vintage”, then the gossips…The I must say if you love wines and if you know all the efforts putted together to craft a blend of Merlot and Cab with such a growing panic, you must try 013, and acknowledge the hard work of winemakers and farmers…The rest will be all sorted out far away from the chateaux, the journalists, the advocates…IF 2014 turns out delivering nice berries and quantities, Bordeaux will step UP again, silky, smooth, arrogantly good and elegant.

2 May, 2014