Domaine Charles Sparr Crémant d’Alsace NV

Armit Wines // 3796 7192 // // HK$ 160

當你想喝一瓶來自法國的氣泡酒時,但又覺得 香檳太昂貴的時候,不妨考慮一下Crémant d’Alsace。她跟香檳一樣是以傳統方法釀造, 但只能以原產地命名。這瓶Charles Sparr的酒 釀,同樣是以香檳常見的Chardonnay葡萄釀 造,你可以當她是一瓶平價版的白釀白香檳。陳 年的時間較短,但仍不失優雅,酸度平衡,氣泡 細緻。以香檳一半的價錢,絕對是超值之選。

When you think that champagnes are too expensive but sometimes when you really want some bubbles from France, you may consider Crémant d’Alsace. It is made in the same way of champagne but was made in Alsace. In this Charles Sparr cuvée, only Chardonnay is used that you can consider it as an blanc de blancs. The ageing was not that long, but it is elegant with good acidity and fine bubbles. For half the price of any basic champagne, it is value for money for sure.


1 Dec, 2013

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