Cullen Kevin John Chardonnay 2009

Links Concept Co. Ltd. // 2802 2818 // // HK$ 886

在澳洲,越來越多酒莊使用生物動力學去種植葡 萄及釀酒。來自Margaret River的Cullen Wines 是當地最早循用此方法的酒莊。全人手釀造,每 個步驟都跟隨歷法去做。而據首席釀酒師Vanya Cullen說她們甚至用生物動力學去製造的橡木桶 來陳釀這瓶最好的Chardonnay白葡萄酒。這瓶 成熟的酒釀帶豐富的香氣,陣陣柑橘、杏仁、 白花的香味,入口平衡細緻,酸度良好,收結悠 長,尤如喝著優秀的勃艮第酒釀般。深度,收結 良好,單寧細滑。

In Austraila, more and more winery are practicing biodynamic viticulture and vinification. The Cullen Wines based in Margaret River is among the very first to go biodynamic in the region. Everything is done by hand and according to the chief winemaker Vanya Cullen, this top Chardonnay is aged in biodynamic barrels! It shows very intense bouquet of citrus, almond, floral honeysuckle and great balance of acidity on the palate, great length, you might be thinking of a great Burgundy without reading the label.

1 Nov, 2013

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