Cloudy Bay Pelorus Brut NV

MHD HK // 2976 1888 // // HK$ 250

Cloudy Bay除了最出名的Sauvignon Blanc白 葡萄酒及我們最愛之一的Te Koko酒款外。他們 近年Marlborough及Central Otago的Pinot也正 不斷進步。原來他們還生產小量的氣泡酒。這美 味的酒釀終於在香港正式發售。以香檳傳統方法 釀造的這款酒釀美味優雅,很期待另一款產量更 少的Rosé酒款能早日於香港發售。

Cloudy Bay is famous for its Sauvignon Blanc and Te Koko, which is one of our favourite NZ wines. Besides the improving pinot noirs from Marlborough and new pinot from Central Otago, they are also making small amount of sparkling wine. We tried this Brut a few years ago in New Zealand and it is now available in Hong Kong. This sparkling is actually made in traditional champagne method involving secondary fermentation. Delicate and elegant, hope to see the other sparklings from them especially the Rosé.

1 Dec, 2013

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