Cheval des Andes 2007

MHD HK // 2976 1888 // // HK$ 720

這瓶來自阿根延的酒釀是由法國波爾多著名酒莊 Château Cheval Blanc於15年前成立的酒莊釀 造,因此取名Cheval des Andes。他們的目標 是希望以波爾多的調配技術,跟這裡的高原老樹 Malbec為主的葡萄品種結合,釀造出阿根廷,以 至新世界的Grand Cru。這瓶2007年以Malbec 為主幹的酒釀展現出非一般的風格,少了份南美 的原始粗獷,多了點來自歐洲貴族的優雅。

This bottle coming from Argentina is made by a winery established by the famed Château Cheval Blanc from Bordeaux, with the name Cheval des Andes, at about 15 years ago. They are aiming to produce Grand Cru of Argentina or the new world, by combining the technique of assemblage from Bordeaux with the old vine Malbec and other varieties from the highland in Argentina. This 2007 vintages shows a different style comparing to other Malbec based wines, with more noble elegance inherited from Europe.

1 Oct, 2013

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