Château Peyrabon 2010


Millésima // // // HK$ 146

這中產酒莊(Cru Bourgeois)位於Haut- Médoc區,擁有的葡萄園中樹齡約為23年, 泥土主要是沙質礫石表土加上下層的黏土。 當中有71.5% Cabernet Sauvignon、25% Merlot及3.5% Petit Verdot。在Millésima購入 此酒莊後,新莊主的投入使近年的酒質不斷進 步。2010年絕對是偉大的年份,帶來了濃郁的 果香及優雅的收結。我們早前在Vinexpo嚐過 此酒,是現代風格的優秀Cru Bourgeois代表 之一

This Cru Bourgeois in the Haut-Médoc has a vineyard consists mainly of sandy gravel on clay subsoil, which are planted with vines of 23 years old on average. The vines are composed of 71.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot and 3.5% Petit Verdot. The quality of their wine progress in recent years under the ownership of Millésima. The 2010 vintage is glorious with both concentration and elegance and as tasted during the Vinexpo earlier this year, this is a very good example as one of the modern Cru Bourgeois at their best.


1 Dec, 2013

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