Champagne Taittinger Nocturne

Fine Vintage (Far East) Ltd. // 2896 6108 // // HK$ 481

我們常喝著不甜的brut、brut extra或zero dosage的香檳作為餐前酒或佐膳。但不要忘記香檳也可配甜點。Taittinger便有釀造Sec的甜香檳,名為Nocturne。她同樣是認真釀造的香檳,陳年超過四年後才推出。這瓶限量版讓我們想起跟藝術息息相關的Taittinger Collection,當然這瓶的設計時尚、摩登,也更能負擔得起。

We are always drinking brut, brut extra dry or zero dosage champagne as aperitif or during dinner. But champagne could also pair with dessert. Taittinger has been making its Sec version called Nocturne that is very good to drink with dessert. It is aged for more than 4 years before releasing. This limited edition reminds us of the Taittinger Collection but a more affordable modern to enjoy in club and lounge.

1 Nov, 2013

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