Champagne Charles Collin Extra Brut

Grand Wine Cellar // 3695 2389 // // HK$ 420

以Pinot Noir及Chardonnay調製。這款Extra Brut非常清新明朗而平衡。酸度不會太過銳利而蓋過其他果香,充滿熱帶鮮果的美味,入口順滑,帶酵母的奶油口感。建議略暖至10度享用,讓香氣散發得更漂亮。收結長而乾身,但仍在舌尖感覺到甘甜。

A blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This Extra Brut is very refreshing and balanced. The acidity is not too sharp to cover all other flavour, full of tropical fruits and touch of creamy yeasty notes. I recommend to drink it a bit warmer at 10 degrees to reveal more of its aroma. Lengthy finishing is dry but you can still feel the sweetness on your tongue.

1 Feb, 2015

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