Castello Banfi Poggio Alle Mura Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 2007


The Wine Gallery by ASC Fine Wines // 2526 2020 // // HK$ 998

由位於Speyside地區精品單麥威士忌蒸餾所釀 造的,自1865年由John Grant買下來後,150 年來仍是由同一家族擁有,至今已是第六代。由 於擁有遠大的目光,能留下不少陳年的老酒,在 調配時能更得心應手,保持高品質。這瓶經這至 少25年醞釀的單麥威士忌,酒體變得更豐厚, 帶複雜的香氣,以煙燻、果仁、蜜糖的香氣為 主,沒有太重的泥煤味,收結濃厚但柔和。

Situated in Speyside region, this malt distillery remains as an family-owned one since 1865, when purchased by John Grant. After almost 150 years, it is now operated by the sixth generations. With great visions they keep a high amount of old casks which provide flexibility and quality during blending. Like this 25 years old single malt whisky, it comes with complex aroma of nut, honey and smokiness, not peaty, with a long, intense but smooth finishing.


1 Oct, 2013

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