Berry’s Own Selection Littlemill, Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1992

BB&R (HK) Ltd. // 2511 2811 // // HK$ 2,254

Berry Bros. & Rudd剛在香港正式推出一系列的 Berry’s Own Selection威士忌,包括由不同地 區,如Speyside、Highland、Lowland、Islay 及Campbeltown等地的單麥威士忌,不少是 來自大廠,經過精心挑選才裝瓶的酒釀。例如 這款1992年來自Lowland的Littemill單麥威士 忌,便十分稀有,因為這所Littlemill蒸餾所正 正於1992年停產。這樣我們又有更多威士忌可 選擇了。

Berry Bros. & Rudd is now officially releasing a series of Berry’s Own Selection whiskies, including blended and single malt whiskies from different areas like Speyside, Highland, Lowland, Islay and Campbeltown, etc. Many of these are rare and selected carefully from many distilleries. Like this 1992 single cask Littlemill single malt, which is very rare as the distillery ceased production in 1992. Now we are having even more selection of whiskies in HK.


1 Oct, 2013

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