Bellavista Franciacorta Cuvée Brut

Altaya Wines Ltd. // 2523 1945 // // HK$ 289

要數世上最好的氣泡酒,除了法國的香檳,還 有意大利的Franciacorta。跟香檳的釀造方法 相似,同樣是瓶內進行二次發酵。用的也是相 同的品種。這瓶Bellavista絕對是最具代表性的 Franciacorta之一。這瓶NV內有來自100款以橡 木桶釀造,來自不同葡萄園區塊的基酒,及六至 九個年份的Reserve Wines。入口比香檳酸度低 一點、果香也開放一點。意大利不只有大眾化的 Prosecco,也有這樣的精品氣泡酒。

For world class sparkling wine, besides champagne from France, we also have Franciacorta from Italy. It is made in a similar way like champagne and using the same grape varieties. Bellavista is a very good example of top Franciacorta producers. This NV cuvée has 100 base wines fermented in oak barrels which are coming from different plot of the vineyards, besides, 6 to 9 reserve wines are used in the blending. It is made with a lower acidity than champagne and more generous in fruitiness. Now you know that Italy has some decent bubbles besides affordable Prosecco.


1 Dec, 2013

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