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Porsche Design limited edition smartphone

Porsche Design limited edition smartphone

Porsche Design and BlackBerry has issued their newly smartphone creation- the P’9982. The Crocodile Leather Edition is world limited in 500 only. Its body is crafted with stainless steel and adorn with genuine leather, these high quality materials giving you a superb experience. Of course, P’9982 inherited the unique design from Porsche Design, allowing users to feel the power of supercars. The BlackBerry 10.2 OS presents a more advanced core, making P’9982 become a unique and fashioned smartphone.

Porsche Design與BlackBerry聯手打造全新的P’9982智能手機現而推出。P’9982(鱷魚皮版) 全球限量500部,機身採用精鋼鍛造,配以皮革裝飾,非凡的材料與精緻的工藝給用家帶來無可媲美的使用體驗。同時,P’9982傳承了Porsche Design的獨有設計,讓用戶感受如駕馭跑車般的享受。另外,BlackBerry10.2版本操作系統則使手機有更先進的運行核心,使P’9982成為獨一無二的智能手機。


The P’9982 is available in Porsche Design Hong Kong, 1010 and other designated retail point.

P’9982智能手機於香港Porsche Design專賣店、1O1O門市以及各大指定零售商發售。