Le Cercle「波爾多左右岸經典大聯盟」代表團首度蒞港

Le Cercle「波爾多左右岸經典大聯盟」代表團首度蒞港








(Le Cercle de Grands Vins de Bordeaux)首度光臨亞洲,在香港於不同時段舉辦4項活動,為本地酒壇帶來兩岸酒品。先是一個傳媒午餐會,繼而是同業講座葡萄酒展覽會,讓本地專業人士藉此難得的獨特機會,進一步了解波爾多優質葡萄酒的多元風采。最後就是一個歡迎公眾參加的葡萄酒嘉年華,旨在為所有愛好波爾多的本地消費者帶來無比精彩的品酒時光。


是次「波爾多左右岸經典大聯盟」之旅共有23家旗下酒莊成員代表訪港,這些卓越的酒莊分屬於新成立的「左岸聯盟」(Cercle Rive Gauche)及成立已久的「右岸聯盟」(Cercle Rive Droite),其莊主及葡萄酒大使在這天參與午餐會的向14位傳媒及參與講座的逾100位本地專業人士展示了2012年的酒花,並由「左岸聯盟」會長Francis Boutemy先生與本地認可葡萄酒講師伍詠儀小姐(Ms. Ivy Ng)一起,向業界介紹兩岸酒品的多元化特色。消費者更可一次過盡情品試來自23個波爾多兩岸酒莊的精選佳釀。






Denis DALIBOT Château Brande Bergère 優級波爾多(Bordeaux Supérieur)
Antoine MICHEL Château Cap de Faugères 卡斯迪安波爾多丘(Castillon - Côtes de Bordeaux)
Château de Chambrun 納蘭龐馬可(Lalande de Pomerol)
Château Faugères 聖達美利安列級酒莊(Saint Emilion GCC )
Brigitte RULLIER-LOUSSERT Château Dalem 芳薩(Fronsac)
Thomas HERVE Château Moulin Haut Laroque 芳薩(Fronsac)
Château La Vieille Cure 芳薩(Fronsac)
Heloïse Aubert Château Jean de Gué 納蘭龐馬可(Lalande de Pomerol)
Château Messile Aubert 蒙坦尼聖達美利安(Montagne Saint Emilion)
Hervé LAVIALE Château Saint Jean de Lavaud 納蘭龐馬可(Lalande de Pomerol)
Château de Lussac 盧薩聖達美利安(Lussac Saint-Emilion)
Château Vieux Maillet 龐馬可(Pomerol)
Paul Goldschmidt Château Siaurac 納蘭龐馬可(Lalande de Pomerol)
Château Vray Croix de Gay 龐馬可(Pomerol)
Château Le Prieuré 聖達美利安列級酒莊(Saint Emilion GCC )
Jingjing YANG Château Faizeau 蒙坦尼聖達美利安(Montagne Saint Emilion)
Alain RAYNAUD Château du Parc 聖達美利安列級酒莊(Saint Emilion Grand Cru)
Haut Carles 芳薩(Fronsac)
Jonathan CAMBOURNAC Château Haut Selve 格拉夫(Graves)
Pierre-Marie DAVID Château Liversan 上梅鐸(Haut Medoc)
Château Patache D’Aux 梅鐸(Médoc)
Philippe RAOUX Château d’Arsac 瑪歌(Margaux)
Fancis BOUTEMY Château Haut Lagrange 碧砂-里奧良(Pessac-Leognan)




活動 時間 地點:怡東酒店 香港鑼灣告士打道281號
傳媒午餐會 中午12時30分 – 下午2時 2樓怡東軒
同業講座 下午2時 – 3時30分 3樓解頤閣(Gloucester Room)
同業葡萄酒展覽會 下午4時 – 6時 2樓岸濤廳(Marina Room)
消費者葡萄酒嘉年華 下午6時30分 – 8時30分收費:HK$150 (French Moment會員5月28日前預定)HK$180 (非會員5月28日前預定)HK$220 (即場) 2樓岸濤廳(Marina Room)


關於「波爾多左右岸經典大聯盟」(Le Cerle de Vins de Bordeaux)

 「波爾多左右岸經典大聯盟」(Le Cercle de Grands Vins de Bordeaux)是由兩個波爾多酒農組織──「右岸聯盟」(Cercle Rive Droite)及「左岸聯盟」(Cercle Rive Gauche)所合組而成的。

「右岸聯盟」早在2002年7月由Alain Raynaud先生創立,現時一共凝聚了吉隆特河右岸的143家酒莊,全皆分享同一理念,就是十分注重其酒品的品質及個性,而且非常尊重傳統的經營之道,從釀造到酒品的市場推廣亦如是。成員所屬的右岸產區包括:波爾多、優級波爾多(Bordeaux Supérieur)、兩海之間區(Entre-Deux-Mers)、盧比亞(Loupiac)、聖富波爾多(Sainte-Foy Bordeaux)、波爾多丘(Côtes de Bordeaux)、布拉伊(Blaye)、布拉尹波爾多丘(Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux)、布格丘(Côtes de Bourg)、卡斯迪安波爾多丘(Castillon - Côtes de Bordeaux)、弗朗波爾多丘(Francs Côtes de Bordeaux)、龐馬可(Pomerol)、納蘭龐馬可(Lalande de Pomerol)、芳薩(Fronsac)、卡隆芳薩(Canon Fronsac)、聖達美利安列級酒莊(Saint-Emilion Grand Cru)、蒙坦尼聖達美利安(Montagne Saint-Emilion)、盧薩聖達美利安(Lussac Saint-Emilion)及寶斯嘉聖達美利安(Puisseguin Saint-Emilion)。


在2013年3月,Alain Raynaud先生把聯盟的概念帶到左岸,成立了姊妹組織「左岸聯盟」,亦同樣要求參加的酒莊對釀酒抱有熱誠,並致力追求品質,也就是跟「右岸聯盟」具有相同的目標,Alain Raynaud先生認為:「這新的組織可迎合左岸酒莊的需要──為左岸比較相宜的優質酒品作市場推廣。」「左岸聯盟」的會長是Francis Boutemy先生。


詳情查詢 :

法國食品協會                                                        Ms. Dorothy Leung                2866 7163

卓智語言及公關服務有限公司                             Ms. Gladys Hau                      2881 5256



 Untitled214 renowned food and wine journalists have enjoyed Le Cercle press lunch with wine producers劉致新先生與另外十多位傳媒友好與「波爾多左右岸經典大聯盟」代表在午餐會上大合照  Untitled3Trade professionals had the chance to taste 16 wines from Le Cercle在講座上,專業人士一共品試了16款波爾多左、右兩岸的精選美酒
 Untitled4Wine lovers were having good time at Le Cercle consumer wine fair愛酒人士樂在「波爾多左右岸經典大聯盟」葡萄酒嘉年華!  Untitled5Mr. Francis BOUTEMY offered trade professionals En Primeur 2012「左岸聯盟」會長Francis BOUTEMY先生親自向業內人士介紹2012酒花

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Cru Magazine Becomes Media Partner of the IWC Bucharest 2013 in Romania

Cru Magazine Becomes Media Partner of the IWC Bucharest 2013 in Romania


We are proud to announce that we are one of the media partners for the International Wine Challenge Bucharest 2013, which will take place in Romania from May 23-26.

Romania has the largest consumer potential in Central and Eastern Europe, nearing 10th in the world for top wine consumption. The International Wine Contest Bucharest is the perfect place for assertion of producers targeting this promising area. In contrast with other countries in the region, wines imported into Romania are very well received,and therefore sales are exploding throughout the country. Without a significant local industry, Romanians are mainly exposed to foreign wines.

The International Wine Contest Bucharest 2013 (IWCB 2013) is organized at the initiative of National Office of Wine and Vine Products (ONVPV), by ASER Wine Consulting, and in partnership with the Romanian Authorized Wine Tasters Association (ADAR). It will be held by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Romania (MADR) under the patronage of the International Vine and Wine (OIV), and is one of the 20th prestigious competitions recognized authority which groups 45 countries producers and consumers of wine worldwide.

The IWCB 2013 will award, along with a Great Gold Medal, a Gold Medal, a Silver Medal, Awards for:

- Best Producer of Competition
- Best Producer from each participating country
-PRESS Award-The best media campaign

The event will take place in downtown Bucharest right near the Romanian National Library, so don’t miss it if you are in the area!


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Don’t Judge a Wine by its Label

Don’t Judge a Wine by its Label



THIS SATURDAY, Feb 26th from 11PM - 5PM, Ginsberg + Chan Wine Merchants Asia will be hosting “The Ugly Duckling Sale”! They will be clearing out bottles from their warehouse that have been harshly judged. For all those wine lovers out there, don’t miss this great opportunity to pick up some great wines!

Located in the heart of Happy Valley, Ginsberg + Chan are wine merchants who offer rare vintage wines to wine enthusiasts, from collectors to wine addicts.  winemerchantsasia.com




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Wine and Dine Festival 2012

Wine and Dine Festival 2012

Life Style



一年一度的香港佳餚巡禮又來了 ! 一連四天,由11月1日至4日,在西九龍海濱長廊舉行。



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Crus Bourgeois du Médoc 2010

Crus Bourgeois du Médoc 2010


The L’Alliance des Crus Bourgeois du Médoc has just released the selection of the Crus Bourgeois for vintage 2010. For this great vintage of 2010, we have 260 wines qualified for the Médoc Crus Bourgeois, a little bit more comparing to the 243 wines for the vintage 2008 and 246 wines for vintage 2009.

Some of the estates are entering for the first time including: Château Arnauld (Haut-Médoc), Bellevue de Tayac (Margaux), Bernadotte (Haut-Médoc), Tourteyron (Médoc), du Raux (Haut-Médoc), Gravat (Médoc), Laborde (Haut-Médoc), Le Vieux Fort (Médoc), Les Granges de Civrac (Médoc), Mareil (Médoc), Myon de l’Enclos (Moulis), Réal (Haut-Médoc), Saint-Pierre de Corbian (Saint-Estèphe), Sénéjac (Haut-Médoc), Sigognac (Médoc).

For details, you can visit:


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