Glenmorangie Finealta

Glenmorangie has always reserved a place at my whisky r […]

Glenmorangie has always reserved a place at my whisky rack. And I always share the 18yrs extremely rare with beginners of whisky, where they will fall in love with whisky because of the floral aroma and elegant style, not as strong as others. It is indeed one of the house style of Glenmorangie.

Glenmorangie威士忌一向是我酒架的常客之一,其中18年的Extremely Rare更是很多朋友到訪時比較容易喝上癮的一款,大部分的意見是她的花香十分吸引,入口沒有那麼激烈,可以用優雅來形容,這也是全個Glenmorangie系列威士忌的共通點。

Recently this distillery from Highland regions of Scotland has released the limited private edition Finealta. In 1900’s “Belle Epoque” era, there is a special edition of Glenmorangie single malt whisky selling at the famous American Bar located in Savoy Hotel, London. This limited Finealta is based on this precious 100years old blend. It stands out with the citrus and vanilla nose that is always found in Glenmorangie single malt. Using both American Oak and Oloroso Sherry Oak for aging, rich palate of lime and citrus is resulted. You will also find hints of cherry, brandy, nutmeg and ginger spices and the unique touch of peat. It is not too strong, but brings out all the elements of Finealta.

最近這蘇格蘭Highland產區的著名酒廠更推出了珍藏限量版的Finealta。1900年代,位於倫敦著名的Savoy酒店中那間American Bar中所出售的特別版Glenmorangie威士忌,是傳統與革新融合的典範,而Finealta便是參照這經典配方調製而成。她保持Glenmorangie系列的雲呢嗱與柑橘香氣,混合使用美國橡木桶及Oloroso雪莉桶陳年,帶來豐富的橘子及青檸味道,淡淡的櫻桃、白蘭地酒香氣,配合荳蔻與薑的香辛味,最令人印象深刻的是那獨有的泥煤氣味,不太重,卻為Finealta畫龍點睛。



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