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雙城記的感官多重奏 | St. Regis Bar

An Evoked Tale of Two Cities





紐約與香港,這兩個城市有什麼共通之處?兩地同為國際金融中心,同樣是高樓林立的鋼筋森林,也同樣是各樣文化、信仰和生活方式都能包容並濟的自由城市。身處歷史的洪流總會歷經波瀾,幸而狄更斯筆下那個那個灰暗的時代早已是過去,愛與寬容化解了倫敦和巴黎循環不盡的悲劇。而St. Regis 的調酒師,則發揮巧妙的創意,用原創的雞尾酒續寫新的雙城故事,描述著紐約和香港的獨特魅力。


It might not be the best of times, but gladly it’s also not the worst of times.

What are the similarities between New York and Hong Kong? They both are international financial centres, bristling with tall buildings, and they are cities that embrace all differences. We all will and have been through ups and downs. Fortunately, the dark times that Charles Dickens wrote about are long gone. Love and inclusion have solved the endless tragedies in London and Paris. And now in Hong Kong, the mixologists at St. Regis Bar evokes the tale of two cities, New York and Hong Kong with their creativity in mixing new cocktails.



悄然藏於 The Drawing Room 和 Astor 露台一旁的隱世殿堂St. Regis Bar洋溢紐約和香港昔日的經典情懷。北京藝術家張弓的手繪壁畫是酒吧備受矚目的焦點所在,描繪如舊灣仔及附近五光十色的街景、天星小輪和維多利亞港等香港標誌性特色,廣為人知的香港歷史、文化和自然元素亦盡在其中。



Adjacent to The Drawing Room and Astor Terrace, The St. Regis Bar celebrates the feel of quintessential old New York City and classic Hong Kong. Featuring a customized handpainted mural that takes centre stage behind the bar by Beijing artist Zhang Gong, the art piece depicts Hong Kong’s rich history, cultural and natural sources, as well as local icons such as old Wan Chai and its colourful street scenes, the Hong Kong Star Ferry and Victoria Harbour.

Rich warm tones, tweeds and brass details along with bronze oak paneling and olive leather upholstery give the bar a cosy and welcoming atmosphere to enjoy evening drinks or an after-hour digestif.



14款招牌雞尾酒串起一部「雙城故事」,其靈感來自於 1904 年(即紐約St. Regis 酒店開業的同一年)同時面世的紐約地鐵和香港電車,每款雞尾酒都在敍述著相關目的地及當中的故事。酒吧亦提供經典版本的Bloody Mary和加入了本地食材如陳皮、五香粉及九龍醬園豉油調製而成的 Canto Mary,以及由本地釀酒廠Young Master 專為St. Regis Bar特製的雙城精釀啤酒 (Two Cities craft beer)。黑麥Lager啤酒亦是酒吧的招牌佳釀,以經典拉格啤酒為基礎,再加入黑麥麥芽,向香港標誌性的熟食店文化致敬。


The bar evokes a tale of two cities with New York’s subway and Hong Kong’s tram, both launched in 1904, also the same year the St. Regis New York was founded, providing the inspiration for 14 unique cocktails, each cocktail is inspired by its destination and its story. They also provide the classic Bloody Mary and a Hong Kong curated Canto Mary made with local ingredients such as dried tangerine peel, five spice and Kowloon soy sauce. The bar also serves the unique Two Cities craft beer that is customized for the St. Regis Hong Kong in partnership with local brewery Young Master. The signature brew, a rye lager, combines the old-school lager brewing tradition with the addition of rye malt as homage to the iconic delicatessen culture of the city.