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Roger Federer X Moët & Chandon

17-Time Grand Slam Champion Roger Federer Join Moët & Chandon as the new brand ambassador!  In his new role as brand ambassador, Federer will take centre stage in the House’s upcoming advertising campaign, certain to generate lots of buzz when it is revealed in March 2013.

17次大滿貫冠軍費達拿將擔任Moët & Chandon的品牌大使!作為Moët & Chandon新的品牌大使,費達拿將成為一連串宣傳活動的焦點,2013年3月正式揭曉消息時,定必掀起一番熱話。

“It’s more than just an honour to be Moët & Chandon’s brand ambassador, it’s an invitation to be part of a very glamorous tradition,” enthused Roger Federer.  “Moët & Chandon has always been the champagne of international trendsetters and I’m proud to be part of a brand that is as dedicated to the pursuit of excellence as I have been throughout my career.”

費達拿興奮地表示:「我很榮幸成為Moët & Chandon的品牌大使,在這個華麗的傳統中擔當一個角色。酩悅一向是國際潮流先鋒們所追捧的香檳,我很高興可以加入這個追求卓越成就的品牌,因為這也是我對事業的態度。」

“Roger Federer personifies the glamour of achievement, great generosity and tremendous style values that have been key to our House throughout its long history,” declared Stéphane Baschiera, President and CEO of Moët & Chandon. “As the champagne of victory and an enthusiastic supporter of major tennis tournaments around the world, we are extremely proud to welcome Roger Federer with Moët & Chandon’s hallmark hospitality.”

Moët & Chandon董事長兼行政總裁Stéphane Baschiera表示:「費達拿Moët & Chandon長久以來的核心價值具體化:成就魅力,無比慷慨和出色的風格;作為象徵著勝利的香檳,Moët & Chandon積極支持世界各地的大型網球賽事。對於費達拿的加入,我們感到無比榮幸。」