Making a Homey Nest ﹣ Liu Kai Chi

He knows that there are a lot of opportunities out there, but he is like a young cub enjoying itself…

廖啟智 ﹣築起生活的溫暖巢穴

Image : Leo Yu          Styling : Ronald Ip, Wilson Wong       Wardrobe : Limit Timil by Ronald Ip            Make up : Violet Wan              Special Thanks : Tai Lung Fung

He knows that there are a lot of opportunities out there, but he is like a young cub enjoying itself in the comfortable nest and guarding its beloved family. Clamming up himself and following his heart, he is always pleasantly facing the outside world in a harmonious way.

The Worldview He Perceives

The Hong Kong actor Liu Kai-chi, frankly speaking, is entirely free from the fast-changing trends. Without pulling a stunt or making great brags but only performing with professionalism and moving skills, he is able to present the most wonderful parts to the audience. These “parts” represent the worldview that he always perceives – applying to playing in films and the drama “The Wild Boar” as well as teaching acting in Hong Kong Baptist University.



“At work I’m rather a passive person. I depend solely on the situation and environment, whatever comes then I follow and make the most suitable attempt. Although I have expectations, I do not make long-term plans but only follow my heart. After all I think what you are facing at the moment is the most important, it seems easy-peasy to get things smoothly done every day but there are still hard times. Therefore I keep reflecting on myself and looking for improvements – this is me – from TV series to films, even to teaching – I always get myself well-prepared first otherwise I will hardly be confident even if given the opportunities. To me, teaching gives me new insights and satisfaction because I don’t only see the students learning and improving but myself as well, perhaps like wines that can be sedimented and fermented! With the television licence becoming less stringent, my students are able to enjoy more rooms for development, but I still make it clear that the lecture isn’t an employment agency; I always encourage them to learn to hold on straight to the end, persistence and confidence are far more important than the appearance. On the other hand, the working hour of teaching is more stable, which allows me to spend more time with family and this is what I truly enjoy,” Liu, with an elegant smile, says as he is sipping a cup of coffee.


Interaction between Sense and Emotion

It is not difficult to tell you the charm of Liu’s performance, yet his greatest appeal is his ability to understand a role thoroughly then present it effortlessly in his own way – reconstructing every inner part but retaining the framework. Just by looking at this, we can understand the way he interacts with individuals, and after all, it is a very personal matter.



“The recent drama ‘The Wild Boar’ I played in is a heavy and ambitious one: by narrating a missing intellectual, it metaphorically shows how business-government collusion destroys a city. Wild boars, looking as ferocious as always, are used by hunters as a tool to train gun dogs. Before they die, they are taken in front of the dogs to embolden them. Very often the boars make a threatening move to the cities because we, human, have destroyed their habitat. I worked with TV and theatre star Wong Tze-wah, theatre actor Tyson Chak, film star Karene Lam etc., in the drama, but the most impressive part is the time spending with playwright Candace Chong Mui-ngam. It was uncommon to have playwrights talk to you before, but as they are having greater importance, we have more time to come into contact with them, which is a good change. Another thing that impresses me is the theatre artist Abby Chan, who surprisingly has the same Chinese name as my wife! Did I watch TV at midnight lately? You mean “The Emissary” right? My wife and I do watch as that is the first drama series she played the leading role. She only watched two episodes, it was way too long ago! Ha Ha!” We had a long chat, so long that the sun began to set and the cup of coffee became a glass of wine.


Liu enjoyed his glass of wine and said, “To me great wine is like the opportunities you meet in your life – they are fated and there is no need to pursue them deliberately. If you have no one to share a bottle of fine wine with, more’s the pity; but if you can share it with your family or good friends, even a bottle of ordinary wine will become mouth-filling, all these depend on how much you engage in. I like drinking wine as it helps me relax, but as I want to spend more time with family, I usually drink it at home. For the time being I do not want to stay away from family for too long, my children will become independent one day no matter what, so I really want to cherish the time with them now. It’s just like the rare vintages that we have to treasure,” True, there is unlikely any evolutionary image, all pieces of memories are already stored year in year out, hence sometimes things tend to go towards an unexpected direction.



It was an inspiring and thoughtful chat with Liu Kai-chi. When you listen to every of his word attentively, you will fall into his duende, which strikes a deep chord in your heart.
跟廖啟智訪談,他的一字一語,都有功有架地令人 落入沉思的地方,用心去聽,就會不可思議 地受到鼓舞,當中自有像溫柔的打擊鈍器般, 滿有打動人心的東西。


21 Aug, 2012