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Champagne Nominé -Renard Brut Club Millésimé 2008

Enoteca HK // 2526 2008 // www.champagne-nomine-renard.com // HK$ 950


去年年尾在我們的品試會當中, 我已經被 Nominé-Renard的Blanc de Blancs深深吸引 著,而且價格合理。這次的所品嚐的是他們的年 份香檳,Brut Club Millésimé 2008。只在最 好的年份釀造,使用高達80% Chardonnay, 酒體豐厚,帶明亮的礦物氣息,但仍然平衡 有緻。Nominé-Renard是Club Trésors de Champagne成員之一,是由一班追求高品質的 精品香檳莊組成。

When I tried the Brut Blanc de Blancs of Nominé-Renard during our panel tasting last year, it is really a gem reasonably priced. This time we have the Brut Club Millésimé 2008 which is also exciting. It is only produced in the best year with high proportion of 80% Chardonnay, opulent with great minerality but yet balanced champagne. Nominé-Renard is a member of Club Trésors de Champagne with other dedicated family champagne producers.