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Cellar Master Laurent Fresnet Will Continue Mumm’s Legacy


酒窖大師Laurent Fresnet將延續Mumm香檳輝煌



Luxury is not just about handbags, watches or fancy clothes and makeup. In my point of view, regardless of any circumstances, the pursuit of better life, constant refined life attitude, as well as a good taste, are the real embodiment and guarantee of luxurious lifestyle. And champagne is one of the continuity of such high quality life. No matter how the world changes, we should never give up our happiness, right?




1827 年面世,擁有悠久的歷史的Mumm一直致力為飲家帶來高品質的香檳。優異品質和出眾風格的傳承,當然也少不得對葡萄酒和香檳擁有深厚認識的酒窖大師。Maison Mumm 宜布即將於2020年一月起就任Laurent Fresnet 為品牌的首席酒窖大師。

Dating back to 1827, Mumm has a long history of producing fine quality champagne for wine lovers. The inheritance of fine quality and unique style will also rely on the in-depth knowledge on wines of cellar masters. Mumm announces the appointment of their new Cellar Master, Laurent Fresnet on 1st January 2020.




Laurent Fresnet 出身於法國偏北地區葡萄酒世家Montagne de Reims,從小就培養對釀酒方面的專業知識。畢業於法國蘭斯大學葡萄酒釀酒學的Laurent Fresnet,在2006年出任Maison Henriot’s首席酒窖大師前已經於法國和不同地區擔任釀酒師,經驗和知識也十分豐富。

Champagne seems to exist in Laurent’s DNA. Laurent Fresnet is the son of champagne winegrowers and a winemaker in the Montagne de Reims which is one of the best champagne houses in the world. He studied oenology at the University of Reims, and has worked as an oenologist both in France and abroad before being named as Maison Henriot’s Cellar Master in 2006.


憑著對香檳和葡萄酒的透徹理解和對高品質的要求,Laurent Fresnet於2015和2016連續兩年贏得Sparkling Winemaker of the year殊榮。此外他更分別於2018年及2019年奪得Len Evans Trophy 和 IWC(International Wine Challenge)中的3面金牌,表揚他在行內的卓越成就。相信Laurent Fresnet能帶領Maison Mumm繼續成為領先國際的香檳品牌!

His thorough understanding on champagne terroir and perseverance in the quality of winemaking has made him two-time Sparkling Winemaker of the year (2015 and 2016), and 2018 winner of the Len Evans Trophy for consistency over five years. He was also awarded another three gold medals at IWC 2019. With his mastery of expertise in wine, we are confident that he can help persist Mumm’s legacy and perpetuate the excellence of Maison Mumm.