The Terrace of Elegance and Class – Mosel

夏日午後, 樹影婆娑,微風輕拂。 輕酌一口透凉的麗絲玲, 酒色如琥珀般金黃誘人,更勝秋日的浮光掠影, 任奇异芬 […]







On a summer afternoon,

The shadows of the trees were swaying, and the breeze was blowing gently.

It’s a perfect time for a sip of iced Riesling,

Amber yellow and inviting as the wine is, even surpasses the beauty of autumn light,

Elegance fruity bouquet spurts through the throat,

The whole orchard is on the tip of your tongue.

莫塞爾河流經多個國家,河流上游的德國莫塞爾產區是葡萄酒的勝地 。莫塞爾麗絲玲在一些著名葡萄園中品質極佳,這些陡峭的葡萄園以灰色和紅色板岩為基土,面朝午後的陽光。它們能臻於完美,得益於漫長的秋日午後,從莫塞爾河的河水中反射出的額外陽光。
這裡擁有世界上最陡峭的葡萄種植園(坡度落差67%),羅馬詩人奧蘇尼(Ausonius)曾這樣描繪這一片欣欣向榮的葡萄種植區:“山脊上滿是一簇一簇散發著芬芳的藤蔓;山坡上鋪滿了翠綠的葡萄藤!” 果粒較小、成熟緩慢的葡萄,在這溫暖、富含礦物質、經板岩分化而成的土壤的培育中,形成了自己的特質,擁有明顯區別於其它品種的口味,而莫塞爾地區也成為了一流的麗絲玲葡萄的種植區。

The Moselle river runs through many countries. The upper reaches of the river are famous for their wine. Mosel Riesling is excellent in some of the most famous vineyards, these steep vineyards are based on grey and red slate facing the afternoon sun. Thanks to the extra sunlight reflected from the Mosel river during the long autumn afternoons, the grapes approaches a state close to perfection.
Ausonius, the Roman poet, described the thriving region of the world’s steepest vineyard (with a gradient of 67 per cent) as ” River whose ridges are crowned with the vine’s odoriferous clusters! River whose meadows are clothed by the grass with an emerald verdure!” The smaller-grained, slow-ripening grapes developed their character in this warm, mineral-rich, slate differentiated soil, with distinct flavours that distinguish them from other varieties, and the Mosel region became a prime growing area for the Riesling grape.

科赫姆小鎮坐落在萊茵蘭-普法爾茨州的摩澤爾河畔,山盤水繞,有著獨一無二的曲流景觀 。酒香四溢的小鎮經過了幾個世紀的歲月洗禮,歷久彌新,愈發迷人。

In addition to its unique vineyard landscape, there are also some cultural attractions worth visiting, Cochem, for example, is known as one of the most beautiful villages on the Mosel river.
The town of Cochem, nestled on the Mosel river in Rhineland-palatinate, has a unique meandering landscape. Over the centuries, the charm has grown in the wine-flown town.
The town is as exquisite as ever with its beautiful buildings, like quaint cottages, black or tan union buildings and its winding streets. The city also has the world’s largest wine collection museum in the old banquet hall. More than 10,000 collections are displayed in the gallery, including all types of wine processing equipment and barrels used by winemakers.
The most famous spot you couldn’t have missed is Reichsburg, Cochem’s castle on the Moselle river. It is the jewel of Cochem’s, making the town glows. In the darkness, the castle contributes a grand scene to the brightly lit city. Standing on the terrace outside the castle looking down at the river, the great scene will be in full view.

Finding Great Mosel Riesling by Vintage
2006-2016 Vintage Chart

Year Score Notes
2016 93 High rainfall in early summer created serious disease pressure, especially in Nahe and Mosel. However, the weather improved from July onwards and the overall quality is good, while the wines tend to be lower in alcohol and higher in acidity than 2015.
2015 96 Just freakin’ awesome. Couldn’t miss it. Nearly perfect spring and summer weather, followed by a cooler autumn, resulted in ripe grapes that retained high acidity. Offers a full range from bone-dry to dessert style.
2014 91 Mostly cool and wet growing conditions led to a warm September and a short harvest, producing an average-size crop of racy and herbal-inflected whites. Could actually age quite well.
2013 89 Erratic weather, including some rain at harvest, resulted in a small crop; top producers relied on careful selection in the vineyard to make rich and minerally wines.
2012 94 A cool, wet summer in Germany, saved by late warmth in September and October. Quality is widely agreed to be very good indeed, and possibly the best vintage in recent memory for Spätburgunder. Dry Rieslings are excellent too, but noble sweet wines are in even smaller supply than usual.
2011 95 Ideal harvest conditions delivered fruit-forward, open-knit and balanced wines with opulent flavors and textures.
2010 93 A challenging vintage for ripeness but Riesling quality is nonetheless promising when in expert hands.
2009 97 Amongst the greatest vintages, 2009 is proving very alluring at a very early stage. Warm, dry weather at harvest; exceptionally balanced wines, with plenty of pure fruit, minerality and creaminess.
2008 92 Crisp, vibrant Rieslings marked by juicy acidity and pure orchard, citrus and savory flavors; light-weights.
2007 95 Classically proportioned, with ripe, complex fruit and mineral flavors; density with elegance.
2006 92 Opulent, charming but fleshy kabinett and spätlese; terrific auslese, BA and TBA, with clean botrytis; best in Mosel; fine dry wines.


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