Interview with Mr. Harri Nylund from Gustav

Winery: Gustav Country: Finland Region: Siikaniemi Inte […]

Winery: Gustav
Country: Finland
Region: Siikaniemi
Interviewee: Mr. Harri Nylund
Arctic bramble liqueur gave rise to Gustav
Lignell & Piispanen’s Arctic bramble liqueur remains their oldest product, it received a prize at the Paris World Fair in 1900. This liqueur, that was stocked by apothecaries in 1882, and it is now going to enter the international market under the brand name Gustav. In renaming this traditional product Gustav, this family business cautiously moves towards inter-nationalization.
President and CEO Harri Nylund says the company’s goal is to increase exports more than one-third of its turnover. At he same time the company is building a new shore-front factory and headquarters in Siikaniemi. The 6,600 square meter production facility will begin operations in July this


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