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Everyday Bordeaux 2017 Results


Everyday Bordeaux 2017 Results are released. You can check out the table below to pick up the acclaimed Bordeaux wines by wine experts from HK. Bordeaux is not just about the top Grand Cru growths, there are many affordable wines for daily consumption.

wdt_ID Sopexa Code Category Wine Vintage AOC volume Retail Price Importer Website Email pic Tasting Note 品酒筆記
1 1 Red Château Platon 2015 Bordeaux Rouge 750ml 80 Allied Freres Fine Wine Limited http://www.alliedfreres.com/ alliedfreres@netvigator.com Ruby colour, nose of blackcurrant, coffee and dark chocolate. High acidity with strong tannin. 顏色呈紫紅色,聞香帶有豐富黑加侖子、咖啡及黑朱古力香,入口酸度豐富,單寧強勁。
2 6 Red Château de Lisennes 2010 Bordeaux Rouge 750ml 110 Capitale Wine International Company Limited http://www.capitalewine.com/ cedric@capitalewine.com Pleasant dark fruits, spice and violet aroma. Good structure and can be aged. 聞香帶深色水果味,並有點紫蘿蘭及甜椒味,酒體結構完整,具陳年潛力。
3 7 Red Château Lacoste Garzac 2014 Bordeaux Supérieur 750ml 200 Catangi Wine http://www.catangi.com/ alexandra@catangi.com Attractive spicy nose with blackcurrant and ciger aroma. Firm structure and good acidity. 擁有迷人的辛辣、黑加侖子及雪茄香味,入口結構強而有力,而且酸度出色。
4 8 Red Château le Faure 2015 Bordeaux Rouge 750ml 129 China Resources Vanguard (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. http://www.crvanguard.com.hk elenahui@crvanguard.com.hk Blackcurrant aroma follow with hints of floral and perfume. Typical and strong tannin with length. 典型波爾多風格的酒,帶有黑加侖子、花香及香水味,單寧強勁而餘韻綿長。
5 10 Red Château de Valandraud 2013 Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 750ml 168 Dream Wines http://www.dreamwines.hk/ info@dreamwines.hk Intense fruity spicy nose and floral fragrance with oaky aroma. Creamy structure and soft tannin. 聞香有非常強烈的果香及花香,更帶點橡木香味,口感幼滑,單寧柔和。
6 11 Red Château Amour 2014 Médoc 750ml 200 Emtex Fine Wine & Gourmet Ltd. http://www.emtex.com.hk/ rickyli@emtex.com.hk An easy drinking wine with black fruits, earthy and herbal aroma. Well balanced and with dried herbs on finish. 非常討好的酒,香味帶黑果、香料及泥土。結構平衡而優雅,餘韻更帶點香料味。
7 13 Red Sirius 2014 Bordeaux Rouge 750ml 122 Everwise Wine Limited http://hk.everwisewine.com defranco.leung@everwisewine.com Clear Ruby in colour with berries, plum, leather aroma. High acidity and long length. 顏色清徹,呈紫紅色,聞香帶有野莓、布冧及皮革味,酸度豐富而餘韻綿長。
8 21 Red Dourthe N1 Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Bordeaux Rouge 750ml 175 Jointek Fine Wines (Hong Kong) Limited http://www.jointekfinewines.com.hk/ charlotte@jointekfinewines.com.hk Excellent Bordeaux Style wine with dark fruits, coconut and smoky nose. Balanced and velvety tannins. 優質波爾多風格葡萄酒,帶有黑果、椰子及煙燻味,酒體平衡,單寧如絲絨般順滑。
9 24 Red Château Puygueraud 2011 Francs Côtes de Bordeaux 750ml 140 Kerry Wines Limited http://www.kerrywines.com/ aurora.ho@kerrywines.com Young and elegant wine. Nose of dark red fruits. Well balanced and light tannin. 一支年輕而優雅的酒,有成熟紅果香味,單寧輕盈而平衡。
10 27 Red Château Montgaillard Classic Wine 2015 Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux 750ml 160 Wine Discovery Company http://www.winediscovery.com.hk/ veron@winediscovery.com.hk Nose of cherry, floral and smokey. Good structure and well balance. 聞香帶有櫻桃、花香及煙燻味,酒體結構出色而平衡。