Bourgogne Wines Week is back to HK!!

【Bourgogne Week is Back!】 Do you like Bourgogne Wines? […]

【Bourgogne Week is Back!】
Do you like Bourgogne Wines?
Then you’ll enjoy the BourgogneWeek HongKong. It’s the perfect time to meet with importers, distributors, Bourgogne producers and negociants.
From 26th February to 2nd March 2018, come and taste the latest vintages and discover some lesser-known appellations.
Visit to get more information and mark the dates with
【Bourgogne Week 番黎啦!】
黎緊的BourgogneWeek HongKong,將有一連串活動、優惠。不少進口商跟零售商都會舉辦品酒活動,可跟他們甚至一些酒莊代表了解更多。


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