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女王也粉紅 | The Queen in Glamourous Pink


Many would say that Rosé is the princess of champagnes. Gushing up in the Champagne glasses, the delicate bubbles are like the pearls on the neck of the princess’, elegant and fantastic. Yet I would say, Rosé is actually more like a queen. Soft and gentle as it seems, Rosé has high acidity character and solid backbone inside.


細細盤點香檳區琳瑯滿目的粉紅香檳,Billecart-Salmon的Brut Rosé 當可算是一位充滿粉紅魅力的香檳女王。

Of all Rosés in Champagne Region, Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé is definitely a queen in glamourous pink.



Billecart-Salmon經典 Brut Rosé是一支透著淡淡粉紅色澤的香檳,口味清新獨特,細膩幼滑且複雜多變,帶有野生士多啤梨及覆盆子的味道,和諧可口,比起其他的Brut特釀更多了一絲絲微妙的紅色水果,散發著濃郁的花香和誘人的紅莓及柑橘香氣,餘韻清爽。讓人在不知不覺間便愛上這醉人的夢幻氣息。

The classic Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé is of light pink colour. The palate is fresh and unique, delicate, smooth and complex, with wild strawberry and raspberry flavours. It is overall harmonious and delicious, with some subtle red fruits, floral notes, attractive red berry and citrus aromas.


Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé早於19世紀已經面世,是法國香檳區少有的200年來從不轉賣、堅持家族經營模式的酒莊,能生存下來已是奇跡,還能在頂級香檳之列中屹立不倒,說Billecart-Salmon是女王,自是當之無愧。

The history of Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé dates back to 19th century. Billecart-salmon is one of the few chateaux in the champagne region of France that has not been sold for 200 years and has stuck to the family business model. It is a miracle that it has survived and survived among the top champagne brands. They do well deserve this ‘Queen’ title.


就是這一款以超乎常人的極緩慢速度發酵、陳年出來的精雕細琢之作,曾驚艷了國際間最有聲望、卻也最「毒舌」的酒評家Jancis Robinson,堪稱香檳NV界最耀眼的一顆鑽石。

It is this masterpiece of extremely slow fermentation and aging that surprised the world famous wine critic, Jancis Robinson. Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé is bound to be one of the most dazzling gems in NV champagnes.




Let’s cheers for this charming queen in pink!