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美高梅澳門德國啤酒節 MGM Macau Oktoberfest 2017

第九屆「美高梅澳門德國啤酒節」載譽回歸,呈獻猶如置身德國最正宗的日耳曼風情啤酒節。由 MGM 美高梅 主辦,德國啤酒節由餐飲體驗、娛樂節目以及場地佈置均一絲不苟,充滿傳統德國啤酒節的風貌特色。慕尼黑遠道而來的Högl Fun樂隊現場表演及身穿傳統服飾的德國表演人員歌舞伴隨下,賓客可盡情品嚐地道德國美食,暢飲傳統德國啤酒節德國盧雲堡啤酒(Löwenbräu)及小麥啤酒等,實在不容錯過!

‘MGM Macau Oktoberfest 2017’ has come to the 9th anniversary for an authentic Germanic beer festival for all walks of life. Hosted by MGM Macau, ‘MGM Macau Oktoberfest 2017’ demonstrates a traditional Germany beer festival from the food and beverage, entertainment shows to the venue decoration. Guests will be able to enjoy incredible local Germany delights and beers, including Löwenbräu and wheat beers along with the music performance by renowned Högl Fun Band from Munich with Germany dancers in traditional costumes. Act now and don’t miss out! 

可盡情品嚐特色地道的德國美食暢飲慕尼黑德國啤酒節指定酒 Guests will be able to enjoy local Germany delights and selected beers from Munich Oktoberfest 

啤酒節入場券及餐飲代用券將於911日起開發售 Tickets and F&B vouchers will be available on 11th September