The French Laundry

The French Laundry


The first time I heard there was a restaurant in Napa valley called The French Laundry, I had a bit of a laugh. After all, I had never associated fine dining with dirty linens. But then, my friend told me that it was considered the best restaurant in the United States, if not the world and that it strictly accepted reservations 2 months ahead (and took a mere 15 minutes to become fully booked). Not surprisingly, right then and there I made it a personal priority to go as soon as I possibly could… in the end, thankfully a bit wiser, it took 4 years. The French Laundry is in a small, very humble-and-easy-to-miss 2-storey building in the now foodie capital of Yountville, Napa Valley.

頭一次聽到有關在美國Napa Valley一間名為The French Laundry的餐廳,我真的想笑出來。畢竟,實在想不到有什麼可以把fine dining跟污穢衫拉上任何關係。但是我的朋友告訴我,她是全美國,甚至全世界最好的餐廳。通常需要預早兩個月訂位,而且每天短短的15分鐘內便會被訂滿。知道這之後,我便馬上盡我所能,希望第一時間可以去試一下這間如此出名的餐廳一試,但到最後,經過了四年的時間我才一嚐所願。The French Laundry位於美食天堂Napa Valley Yountville。那是一幢毫不起眼的兩層高房子,經過的時候,就算錯過了也不出奇。

by 27 Aug, 2012