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Vinipro-a new generation trade show

Text: Brinda Bourhis, Cru’s Bordeaux correspondent

Everyone in the wine trade knows Vinexpo that has existed for many years, but Vinipro is another trade show that started on March 3rd 2014 for the very first time in Bordeaux. Vinipro brings together wines from Bordeaux and from the South-westen of France all under the same roof in the same venue as Vinexpo (Bordeaux Lac exhibition center) during 3 days.

However the two shows are absolutely different. The key objective is to “do business” at Vinipro, so no glamorous booths and fancy goodies, but a modern approach with a relaxing environment, social media tools and simple booths where producers and négociants can meet potential buyers and get down to business.

According to Xavier Planty, Co-chairman of Vinipro and President of the Sauternes and Barsac Grands Crus, the wines exhibited at Vinipro represent those of a new generation, modern and accessible responding to the expectations of today’s consumers around the world.

After the first morning at Vinipro, exhibitors seem quite enthusiastic:

“The Union des Cotes de Bordeaux managed to get 15 producers together in a short space of time for this fair. They are all motivated as it’s a show that reflects the wines of the Cotes de Bordeaux: accessible and modern. I’m am sure that the next 2 days will go really well and we’ll be back for the 2nd edition”

-Patricia Zabalza, Director of the Union des Cotes de Bordeaux

“The Crus Bourgeois du Médoc is showcasing 120 wines from the 2011 vintage.so far we’ve had quite a number of visitors and lots of press interviews. It’s a great opportunity to show what Bordeaux has to offer from the Medoc”

-Frederique de Lamothe, Director Crus Bourgeois du Médoc

Brinda Bourhis, Cru’s Bordeaux correspondent will follow up Vinipro to see if the show lived up to its expectations.