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Biodynamic Wines

It is not a question here of going back to the debate that sets proponents and opponents of biodynamic winemaking against one another, because one way or another it tends to descend into a religious war where the wine is the great forgotten and the great loser. For those who want to know more about it I would not hesitate to recommend François Bouchet’s recent book “Cinquante ans de pratique”, edition Deux Versants, which sets out very clearly the principles, methods and practices of this type of viticulture. 我們在這裡不是要重複討論到底應該支持還是反對生物動力(Biodynamic)葡萄酒釀造方法,因為這樣只會引起不必要的爭辯,最後大家反而會忘記葡萄酒本身,成為最大的輸家。如果大家想了解多一些,我會毫不猶豫地推薦François Bouchet最近出版,Deux Versants的《Cinquante ans de pratique》,裡面詳細解說這種葡萄種植以至釀酒技術的理念、方法及慣常做法。在最近舉行的一次品酒會中,我希望參與的人士能夠品嚐到很多不同的生物動力葡萄酒,從而明白為什麼越來越多出色的葡萄農及釀酒師會採用這種方法。這的確是難以預計的。

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Is It the Wine, or Us?

改變的是葡萄酒、還是是我們? Is it the wine, or us?
喝酒多年,認識不同的酒友,發現他們飲酒的習慣也有所不同,尤其是對於年份的理解有所不同。對於酒齡較淺、或較年輕的朋友,他們會較喜歡年份較新的葡萄酒,喜歡她們的艷麗、明亮、濃郁的感覺,一般陳年三至七年的葡萄酒他會便覺得很滿意。Over the years of wine drinking, I’ve come to meet many wine buddies and have noticed a varied range of drinking habits from many of them, especially in terms of their views on wine and their vintage years.

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Ode to Elegance

200 years since the first bottling of Perrier-Jouët and 9 years since the creation of the first Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs in 1993, Perrier-Jouët once again pays tribute to the unparalleled delicacy of the varietal Chardonnay, captured in the iconic Millésimé 2002. 自200年前首枝Perrier-Jouët面世,以及九年後1993年首次推出的Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs,Perrier-Jouët再一次向至高無尚的Chardonnay葡萄致敬,推出Millésimé 2002的Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs頂級年份香檳。

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Redefined Luxury – Tianjin Metropolitan Polo Club

“Let others play at other things. The king of games is still the game of kings!” Engraved on a stone tablet near the polo ground in Gilgit, Pakistan.


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Chivas James & John Special Edition

記得上一次芝華士推出的一款充滿玩味的限量版Revolve,那瓶身有別一貫的芝華士風格,形狀特別,甚至可以像陀螺般旋轉。今次推出的特別版,用上同一款酒瓶,但意義卻不同,那是向芝華士創始人James及John Chivas致敬,推出Chivas J&J (James & John)特別版,以別具特色的酒瓶設計向他們對威士忌的熱誠致敬。

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Anthony Wong – Uncompromising Taste

Hong Kong Film Award-winner, Anthony Wong, is a powerhouse actor, embodying charisma on-screen, and – as Cru finds out through a casual chat over wine – a candid yet perceptive disposition off-screen.

兩度奪得影帝的黃秋生,在舞台上,是名充滿魅力的實力派演員,在現實生活中,除了性格爽朗、言論大膽外,也有感性的一面,《釀. 生活》跟他一邊飲酒,一邊談天說地。

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