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Interview with Ms. Michaela Stander from WOSA

Representative of Wines of South Africa
Organization: Wines of South Africa (WOSA)
Country: South Africa
Interviewee: Ms. Michaela Stander

Wines of South Africa (WOSA) is a fully inclusive body, representing all South African producers of wine who export their products. WOSA, which was established in its current form in 1999, has over 500 exporters on its database, comprising all the major South African wine exporters. It is constituted as a not-for-profit organization and is totally independent of any producer or wholesaling company. It is also independent of any government department, although it is recognized by government as an Export Council.

WOSA’s mandate is to promote the export of all South African wines in key international markets. Traditional markets include the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. More recently, WOSA has also been developing markets for South African wines in the United States, Canada, Russia, and Asia.

To contribute to the global success of the South African wine industry through building Brand South Africa.

Website: www.wosa.co.za