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海利公館美酒佳餚季Hullett House Luxury Gourmet Season – Loong Toh Yuen隆濤院

March 20 @ 9:00 AM - March 27 @ 10:00 PM

現關注海利公館Facebook專頁,於3月20日至3月27日於隆濤院可免費享用至尊燉湯! *客人須於入席前向餐廳員工説明使用該優惠 Now just follow Hullett House Facebook page, guests can taste our complimentary Supreme soups at Loong Toh Yuen! *Guests need to present their Facebook account to the staff for enjoying the offer

Introduction to World Whisky

March 29 @ 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Back by popular demand; our Introduction to World Whisky Tasting is for newcomers and enthusiasts alike! Whisky is on the increase around the world with more and more countries producing splendid expressions and experimenting with new flavour combinations. We aim to highlight the regional styles and variances available from whiskies around the world. We will cover the origins, production, and the maturation processes to gain an understanding of how the golden liquid ends up in our glasses. Then we will…

Whisky Ambassador Programme – Weekday Regular Class (2- Nights)

April 5 @ 7:00 PM - April 12 @ 10:30 PM

Cru is delighted to become the exclusive partner for 'The Whisky Ambassador' programme in Hong Kong! We are pleased to have Mr Eddie Nara, the Certified Whisky Ambassadors of Scotland, to led this interactive session! Venue: CDV Wine Lab , Centre De Vin Fee: HK$5,800 per person (A Tasting Section of 6 Scotch Single Malts and examination fee) Speaker: Mr. Eddie Nara 5 April 2017 (Wednesday) : 7:00-10:30pm 12 April 2017 (Wednesday) : 7:00-10:30pm Language: English RSVP: rsvp@cru-magazine.com Limited Availability.…

2017法國五月藝術節:《太陽王的誕生》Le French May: “The birth of the Sun King”

May 6 @ 8:00 PM - 10:15 PM

由指揮沙比爾.登斯重構樂章,古奧爾設計視像藝術,並與歌斯邦當樂團合作演出 Ensemble Correspondances // Direction Sebastien Daucé Motion Graphic Etienne Guiol “失傳的”芭蕾舞劇的現代重構 再現宏偉皇家芭蕾舞劇的視像音樂會 法皇路易十四15歲的時候他在巴黎羅浮宮參演了這齣宏偉的芭蕾舞劇。此劇採用舞中舞的概念。夜晚的整個世界通過五幕舞劇一一鋪展出來,直到太陽升起,象徵太陽王無與倫比的光彩。當時,首相馬薩林委約法國和義大利最優秀的藝術家創作一部獨特的芭蕾舞劇,講述年輕的路易十四成為「太陽神」的故事,藉此吹噓法國王室的優越地位。 首演非常成功,接著又演了七場。它在路易十四72年的整個統治期都享有崇高聲譽,給人留下深刻印象。然而,樂譜只有一小部份在50年後被皇家圖書管理員轉錄,而大部份則不知所踪。經過近400年後,它現在被多塞重新發現了。經過三年的潛心研究,他重構了這部 作品。2015年,「失傳的」芭蕾舞劇終於得到重生。聖特音樂節和凡爾賽宮皇家歌劇院等的演出,慶祝了它的復興。 為了香港法國五月藝術節的演出多塞委託了法國視像藝術家古奧爾,根據17世紀和現代的服裝、鑲花工藝造像去設計投影,將之投射到管弦樂團後面的屏幕上,讓我們能透過光影回到路易十四的時代,觀賞當年這部奇妙的製作。 A modern Re-construction of a ‘lost’ masterpiece A mixed media live concert rediscovering the Sun King's First Ballet At the age of 15, His Majesty Louis XIV danced at the Louvre Palace. Based on the idea of a ballet within a ballet, through five ‘dreams,’ the whole universe of the night is rolled outuntil dawn, before announcing the unequalled glimmer of the Sun…

2017 法國五月藝術節:花都芭蕾舞傳奇 Le French May: Paris Ballet Legends

May 11 @ 7:45 PM - May 12 @ 9:45 PM

由三位巴黎國家歌劇團之芭蕾舞明星特別演出,連同香港芭蕾舞團一同獻藝 Featuring Star Dancers of Paris National Opera along with Hong Kong Ballet 巴黎是愛情和光明的城市,也是芭蕾舞的城市。在四個世紀之前,芭蕾舞正是於巴黎誕生。 此作品對巴黎和受巴黎啟發的藝術家致敬:從蕭邦至普魯斯特、佩蒂特至卡爾內、佩蒂巴至琵雅芙、比才至普萊維爾……每一場表演,都與這個光明的城市有密切的關係。 最美妙的雙人舞以不同風格的舞藝演繹不同的故事:浪漫的《吉賽兒》、剌激感官的《普魯斯特》、現代風格的《不,我絕不後悔》、經典超卓的《黑天鵝》、膽色過人的《永遠的卡門!》和新芭蕾風格的《茶花女》…… 國際首席舞蹈員與享負盛名的鋼琴家巴爾達,聯同巴黎國家歌劇團的芭蕾舞明星,以愛與熱情,配合優美的舞姿,演繹這些作品。 Paris, the city of Love, the city of Lights, is also the city of Ballet, where the art form was born four centuries ago. This performance is a tribute to both Paris and the artists who were inspired by it: from Chopin to Proust, Petit to Carné, Petipa to Piaf, and Bizet to Prévert. Each piece has an intimate link to the City…

2017法國五月藝術節:爵士音樂會-傑拉汀四重奏 Live Jazz: Geraldine Laurent Quartet

May 12 @ 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM

這個四重奏組合的成員分別是:傑拉汀‧洛蘭特(中音薩克斯管)//保羅‧雷(鋼琴)//唐納德‧高盧塔曼諾(鼓)//托馬斯‧布拉默 (低音大提琴) 樂隊的所有成員都對爵士樂充滿熱情,此次會演奏由法國爵士音樂家韋爾特製作的新專輯《上班》。這張專輯內的作品都非常獨特,細膩地在爵士樂構建的世界裏表達自由擺蕩的精神。 Geraldine Laurent alto saxophone// Paul Lay piano// Donald Konotamanou drums // Thomas Bramerie double bass World-renowned musicians arrive directly from France for the Quartet’s Asian debut. All members of the quartet have a significant passion and admiration for jazz. They perform their new album, At Work, produced by famous French jazz musician, Laurent de Wilde: a collection of pieces that subtly suggest the essence of freedom of swing within the realms of jazz. 獨家贊助 Exclusive Sponsor 領賢慈善基金…

2017法國五月藝術節:爵士音樂會-保羅.雷 Jazz Series- Paul Lay

May 13 @ 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM

比莉哈洛黛是上個世紀最偉大的爵士樂演唱家之一。她的聲線和音樂反映了她的經歷。當你聽她演唱,聽到的不只是歌聲,還有句句心靈細語,以及她童年時期的吶喊與掙扎……這段經歷,使她下定決心力抗種族歧視。比莉哈洛黛是謎一樣的人物,而這樣的人物總是難以描述……不過,為紀念哈洛黛在2015年的百周年誕辰,鋼琴家保羅‧雷和視像製作人加洛斯特以別出心裁而巧妙的手法,把這位二十世紀傳奇人物的事業生涯、音樂和熱情,都活靈活現地呈現在二十一世紀的舞台。 Billie Holiday was one of the greatest jazz singers of the last century; her voice and her music were a reflection of her feelings and experiences. Hers was more than just a voice: when you listen to Billie Holiday, you hear her soul, her heart, and a scream from a troubled childhood that led to her relentless struggle against racism. Billie Holiday was a myth, and a myth is always difficult to describe. But, created in honour of Holiday’s…

2017法國五月藝術節:爵士音樂會-貝爾蒙特Le French MayLive Jazz – Stephane Belmondo

May 14 @ 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM

史蒂芬尼‧貝爾蒙度(小號/號角)// 傑西‧範魯勒(結他)// 托馬斯‧布拉默(低音大提琴) Stéphane Belmondo : trumpet// Jesse Van Ruller guitar // Thomas Bramerie double-bass 在所有爵士樂音樂家之中,卓特‧貝加對人的思想和心靈影響最深。他的音樂有自己的秘密語言,能與人們的內心直接溝通。當樂迷得悉貝加逝世的噩耗時,都感到十分哀傷。然而,貝加的音樂將永遠銘記在樂迷心中。 爵士樂小號手貝爾蒙特曾在歐洲多國獲獎(包括在1994年獲得金格‧萊恩哈特音樂獎),他是傳奇爵士樂小號手卓特‧貝加的粉絲。貝加在1988年逝世前,曾在巴黎欣賞過貝爾蒙特演奏。為了紀念逝世近三十年的偶像,貝爾蒙特將在這次表演中演奏貝加的專輯之一。 Of all jazz musicians, Chet Baker was the one who influenced the minds and souls of people most. Baker’s music had a secret language of its own that communicated directly with people’s hearts. Despite the fact that Baker’s fans were devastated at the news of his passing, his music lives on in their hearts. As a jazz trumpet player with numerous European music…

2017法國五月藝術節:搖擺者舞蹈團《中間》Le French May: The Swaggers-In The Middle

May 18 @ 8:00 PM - May 19 @ 9:00 PM

瑪莉安.莫婷、搖擺者舞蹈團: 讚美成為著名嘻哈舞者和藝術家的新一代女性 Marion Motin & THE Swaggers celebrate a new generation of leading female hip-hop dancers and artists 新類型嘻哈:經典而另類 嘻哈領域競爭激烈,只有最優秀的能留下來。同時,嘻哈也是一個幾乎全由男性主宰的行業。首席舞者兼舞蹈編導莫婷希望用這部作品證明,女性也能在嘻哈世界佔一席位。 莫婷把這場表演設計成電影一樣。她喜歡使用圖片和展示,而非口頭講解,由觀眾自己去詮釋背後含義。光是表演的關鍵部份,貫穿整場演出。她用聚光燈模仿相機的閃光燈來產生人物投影,並加強作品的感染力。 瑪莉安.莫婷:一位跨界舞蹈編導 年僅5歲,莫婷就開始跳古典舞。意識到自己熱衷於嘻哈舞後,她在1996年開始在街頭跳舞。她曾和國際著名流行歌手麥當娜合作,藉此積累了經驗。比利時歌手Stromae發現她深具潛力,給她介紹了更多跳嘻哈舞的機會。2015年,她參加了歌手Christine & The Queens的Chaleur Humaine專輯巡演。 A new kind of Hip-hop: classy and alternative Hip-hop is a tough game in which only the best survive. In the heavily male-dominated hip-hop industry, Marion Motin (principal dancer and choreographer) wishes to use this dance piece to demonstrate that in a universe of Hip-hop, women can ‘own’ the place. Motin constructs the…

2017法國五月藝術節:法國廣播愛樂樂團 Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France

June 2 @ 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Direction Mikko Franck // Cello Trey Lee // Piano Dmitry Masleev Violin Svetlin Roussev 為慶祝法國五月節的銀禧紀念,主辦單位特別邀請了著名的法國廣播愛樂樂團和他們的總監法朗克蒞臨香港,聯同大提琴大師李垂誼及新近贏得柴可夫斯基國際鋼琴比賽(2015)的馬斯列夫一起演出。他們將與樂團的團長盧塞夫,一同獻上貝多芬為人喜愛的三重協奏曲以及德布西和拉威爾的經典作品。 樂團在1937年由法國廣播電台創立,現已是世界最負盛名的樂團之一。他們曾與頂尖指揮,包括前樂團總監鄭明勛、捷傑耶夫、杜達美和薩洛寧合作。除了音樂會、電台廣播和委約演出外,樂團也積極參與教育和外展工作,以及青少年音樂訓練活動。2017年是樂團第10年被委任為聯合國兒童基金會親善大使。 Celebrating Le French May’s Silver Jubilee, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France (Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra) makes its Hong Kong debut, under the music direction of Mikko Franck. They are joined by a trio of young soloists for Beethoven’s ecstatic Triple Concerto, before bringing the authentic sound of France to Hong Kong, in Debussy’s famous evocation of The sea and Ravel’s exquisite musical telling…

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